Refs still bad ? IMO they are doing poor.

I will give you some examples of mistakes that I have seen in the two or three games that I have watched.
Clearly replay would have changed this.
1.) Matt Dominguez - the play he gets hurt in Ham. it was a fumble no question- result 7 points.
2.) Kevin Glenn sacked on the 1 yard line ground causes fumble Riders get safety. Result 2 points
3) Henry Burris is running with his loaf of bread but clearly the ground caused it to pop up -fumble- result -3 points lost in FG range.
4) Bomber receiver clearly is pushed out at the one the ball never crosses the plain nor any part of his body The goal pillon get knocked as the players fall on it way out of bounds.-result 7 points.
5) Roughing the passer calls two of them were the D-line man dives at the QB before the ball is thrown, both tackels finished both wrong calls. result 108 yard penilty drive.
6) No yards call of 15 yards when a punt is partially blocked and then hits a player in the back of the leg on a bounce.
You might have guessed I am a Rider fan and clearly we have gotten some good calls as well as some bad ones.
Anybody else have some to report?

Don't believe that penalties are reviewable with replay. Refs will be refs and it's part of the game, good or bad. It's a tough job but could still improve.

Not yet but they are going to run a beta test of it…we as fans have to push for this… for it will make the television coverage better ( more angels) and every game will have to be broadcast.
Also I think it is the right way to do it , the NFL has all the bugs worked out so why not go with what is working and accepted by a larger majority.

I agree with replay in the game but let's not get too crazy about it or else the whole game may as well be called from a booth instead of the field. Run a play and review it to see if there's a play and review it ..... and so on. I know it's a little far fetched but you get my point, I hope.

Personally, I hate replay. The CFL games take 3 hours to play already. Some NFL games take 3 1/2 and sometimes 4 hours. On items 5 & 6, those calls are not reviewable even in the NFL. Two of your other ones, we could probably argue over a pitcher of beer for hours on whether they were or were not.

Calls even out over the season. I use last year as an example.

BC VS Calgary A questionable TD call gives Calgary a win. Camera angles are inconclusive. I could argue with my Calgary buddies for hours whether it was or wasn't.

Calgary VS BC A blown call on the On-side punt cost Calgary the game. NONE of TSN cameras had the play. Only later did they find out from the teams high overhead camera that the play was blown.

What was the outcome? Calgary stole a game from BC, BC stole a game from Calgary.

Lastly, My old high school coach always told us when I played. If one bad Referee call determined whether we win or lose, what about the other 150 plays that we as a team failled to execute. Food for thought.

Good point Sportsmen, fans complain about their teams getting screwed by ref but never make mention of when the refs make a call going their way.
Also agree with one play deciding the game is bs.

All good points. BUT doesn't too many bad calls reflect badly on the league as a whole? If someone watching for the first time sees a lot of bush league calls they may assume that the CFL is bush league. The CFL needs to have a program were new Refs are brought in and trained. I have had season txs for 16 years and the only difference in refs is the colour of their hair...all white. Hope the CFL has a good glasses program.

Over the years the idea of bringing retired players as refs has surfaced but never produced anything. Might still not be a bad idea.

Anyone know what is concidered passinterference this year? Seems like the DB's are draped over the receivers with no calls this season.

What I'd like to know is if there is any way to revamp the 'roughing the passer' call. Seems to me that one needs reworking. I hate that a guy's gonna get called if the QB throws the ball when the hit is already committed to. It's a little tough to stop a hit once you're already in motion, and I've seen lots of those calls already this season.

Two things

  1. Train them better!
  2. bring in the 90 sec Install Reply!

I agree that the refs have done a poor job in the past but I tend to forgive them when it take 5 replays on the tube in various speeds before we can really tell. That however does not excuse the really bad call they were obivious way up in the nose bleed sections.

Did anyone hear Millintons story about the refs 2 Saturdays ago. He said that one time he was running down field and was being pulled down by his jersy.
He then hears the ref yell "HEY LET HIM GO" but never threw a flag. :shock:

LOL...some how I can see that. I don't think we would be so hard on the refs on the close calls if there wasn't so many wide open botched calls. Like the closeline to Keith Stokes in the open field last season. That one even had the head of officiating appoligising.

While the state of CFL referreeing is deplorable, I dislike the idea of instant replay. It slows down the game too much. How about having no referees? The players could monitor themselves. I can just see it:
Receiver, "hey you grabbed me before the ball got here."
Defender, "yeah I did. Ok spot the ball here."
It could work. We used to do that stuff in pick up games at the park. And think of the money you'd save.