Refs spoiled what would have been a great finish!!!!!!!!

First off congrats to the Lions on winning. Well done. However, a couple of beefs about acouple of the refs calls and non-calls that spoiled a thrilling finish. I was hoping for the Lions remember so I think my viewpoint is an objective one:

  1. The whistle was blown too early on the BC fumble that Montreal recovered. That should have been a Montreal touchdown.

  2. On the last Montreal drive that resulted in the fumble, Montreal crossed the plane of the goaline the previous play. Secondly, the Montreal coaches blew it by not challenging the fumble. what did they have to lose????????????????? I believe the knee was down. But worse, was that Montreal scored on the previous play. Earlier in the game I did not think the Montreal player crossed the goaline plane. This time he did.
    Too bad, because we would have had a barn-burner finish with either team possibly winning.
    Anyone else got a perspective on this???????????

CFL Forever!!

To be consistant, I have to say I hate replay, but I especially hate a change of possession after a "down by contact play".
So I wouldn't even have allowed the fumble, let alone the TD.
But clearly the whistle goes too soon.
However, montreal punts, gets the ball back and scores, so just the change of field possession is significant.
But late in the 4th, I agree that Montreal scored before the fumble.
But I don't think that is a reviewable play (which makes no sense). Any scoring play (or potential scoring play) should be reviewable.
But the next play is clearly a fumble, even after replay!

I was cheering for BC, but in the fourth quarter I was hoping the Als would get some points to make it a close finish. I was disappointed when they fumbled on the one yard line as that would have made for a very exciting finish. When a couple of minutes later one of the few well thrown Calvillo balls sailed right through the hands of Dave Stalla I wasn't too impressed.

I'm glad out of the two teams that BC won though, and overall enjoyed my first Grey Cup experience.

Again, as I usually do, when one team gets ahead on the score, I hope the other team scores to make an exciting finish. If the refs had correctly called the Montreal player crossing the plane of the goaline the play before the fumble we would have had an incredibly exciting finish. Remember the Als held the lions the next possession and got the ball back. With momentum after the score the Als would have been pumped as w0uld have the entire crowd. It would have been electrifying like last years Grey cup final sequence of plays. Too bad the refs missed the calls and spoiled that potential ending.

i was cheering for the als the whole game cuz they were always behind...

had they taken the lead at some point, then id cheer for the lions...

which is why last years GC was so great...i didnt know who i was cheering for, cuz it changed every 5 mins in the second half...haha

I agree that the whistle was blown too early on the Montreal fumble recovery. At least the refs got that it was a fumble.

The Montreal play from the 2 yard line I dont think he got in. If it had been reviewable (which i dont think it was) i dont think there would have been enough evidence to overturn the call anyway. I couldn’t even see the ball till after he was pushed back, at least on the replay I saw.

I agree that had Montreal got that touchdown, it would have been a whole different ball game. I however think that the refs got that particular call right.

I haven't posted on this site in a while, but after watching last nights grey cup I felt I had to.

Those officials ruined a great game. Hold the damn whistle. Montreal got a touchdown taken away. Let the play finish and then rule that the QB was down. If you're going to use instant replay, know how to officiate a game with it.

Thumbs down to the CFL officials. If those are the best officials the CFL has were in trouble.

Robert Edwards broke the plain of the endzone. His helmet was over the line and he had the ball at chest level so he's in.

Even thou my Al's lost, congrat to the BC Lions and there fans. I beleive they're the best team in the league.

I have to agree, the refs played performance was C at best. Unfortunate because as said, it was a great game. They need to review this in offseason how fast the officials blow their whistle, christ, it's not a track meet as to how fast you blow the friggin thing.

Which referee would you blame for the Al’s ‘too many men on the field’ penalty?

I know that is just one play but there is no way you can be mentally into the game and make that kind of mistake. Not at this level.

Montreal came out flat and BC played a strong 60 minutes. That was the deciding factor.

The ball has to cross the plane of the goal line, not the helmet, therefore that wasn't a TD. I do agree that the whistle went way too soon on the Dickenson fumble. He was barely on the ground before the whistle went.

Altogether a very well played game by the Lions, and a decently played second half by the Als.

why do people always have to whine about referees? sheesh

Reffing was a little suspect but the better team still won. The Lions pretty much dominated the whole game so should it matter now.

Yes a quick whistle on the fumble, but in fairness to the referee, Dickenson's back was towards him, so seeing the ball out would have been difficult. Replay corrected the fumble.

On the play prior to the Edwards fumble, I didn't see any evidence of the ball breaking the goal line. Both refs were on the line, and none of the cameras had a clear shot of the ball.

On the Edwards fumble, the play was so close, we had a 50-50 split of all our "Party" people on whether that was a fumble or not. Don't know whether that challenge would have been over turned or not.

If the refs blew the whistle on the Edwards fumble as fast as they did on the Dickensen fumble, maybe the outcome would be different. That said, if Mont. was up by 3 TDs. when either of these happened, we probably would'nt be discussing this.

BC wins and were full marks for victory on Sunday.

BC Lions, Grey Cup 2006 Champions!

If the refs were to not blow the whistle as though it was a fumble when they in fact didn't know it was a fumble at game speed, that would require them to automatically use instant replay every time to determine the outcome. They would have to let the play go as a fumble and then review the replay afterward to see what happened. That would cause a lot of difficulty in ruling plays down by contact and I see that as opening a can of worms myself when in many plays they have to decide a play at game speed seeing it live only once from whatever angle they're at. I don't think it would work.

Exactly! I couldn't agree more.

Instant reply should not become a crutch for the refs and teams shouldn't be forced into challenging calls just because the refs are too afraid to call it like they see it.

The reffing is never going to be perfect. Like if any one of us was to ref a game, there will be mistakes and blown calls. Instant replay is nice because it helps to overturn the most egregious errors without taking away all of the flow to the game.

There is still a ways to go but overall I'm happy with the improvement in CFL reffing this year.

Not necessarily. If the ref is slow on the whistle he can let the play go, throw his beanbag at the point of the fumble (which he's supposed to do anyway), and this would also mark the down-by-contact spot. Then once the play finally played out, he could go back and rule it down-by-contact on the field if he felt that was the correct call, after a conference with the other officials if necessary. That way either ruling is reviewable, and if replay determines it was a fumble, the return can be allowed to stand.

And your still back to relying on replay to finish the call.

Would we not then also want to check(replay) all catches where the ball comes out on contact with the turf to make sure we get a possession call correct too? Really the same thing.