Refs Screw Hamilton again!

Good going you idiots,you just shafted Hamilton by not giving the Cats a Williams clear touchdown.You also failed to call interferance on Montreal when the Cats tried to get the 2 point conversion.Once again the REF FACTOR screws another team and this is why fans walk away from the game.Me and others would rather save our cash than buy a ticket to watch such complete crap.


Welcome to the world of pro sports where the every game isn't perfect, you get the breaks and you lose them, and useless you actually went to Montreal to see the game you really didn't pay anyways.

certainly refs are not infallible, although blatant miscalls like the Williams TD catch and the PI are disconcerting no doubt...

Wonder if Higgins is going to tear a strip off more officials this week after reviews. :cowboy:

Only the fans are perfect :roll:

The biggest mystery in all of sports - everybody thinks the refs are out to get their team. If that's the case why do we always see 8 fanbases b*****ing about the refs all the time and how the league hates their team?

I'm not saying the refs are perfect or even good, but I do find it quite ironic.

Maybe the TiCats should have played well enough that a bad call or two wouldn't cost them the game?

Let's see, Williams questionably offside, calls back a TD.Williams TD catch deemed non reviewable since we had no challenges.PI in the endzone on Aaron Kelly during the 2 pt convert.That's a good 16 points that were stolen from us, and if my math is correct we lost by 2 points therefore.....

Look at it this way, you're in the playoffs now. But whoever you play, Wpg or Mtl, you'll lose. We all know it' going to be a Montreal/Winnipeg Eastern Final.

Just like last season when we all "knew" it was going to be a Hamilton/Montreal EF? :o

detroit lions got robbed today. Guess they must have been using cfl refs.

While the referee mistakes in today's game certainly played a roll in Hamilton's loss, the Cats missed out on 13 points because of their own mistakes: Chris Williams being offside on the Bakari Grant TD catch and Justin Medlock missing two field goals.

The refs are not to blame for the loss today, but the call on the Williams TD was wrong. The calls on the Williams TD and two-point convert (which, to be honest, was borderline and not terribly egregious) had a hand in the outcome, but they are not the sole reason Hamilton didn't get the win. If the Cats don't make those earlier mistakes, it doesn't matter about those two calls. To put this loss solely on the refs is wrong.

Especially with hindsight, instant replay and slow motion - why couldn't they build robots with all of that stuff built in, process it in a fraction of a second and make the perfect call every time? :oops:

demonstration on why why people don't post on here ! Are you saying there were no bad calls? do it with intelligence please!

Yeah but only the Riders' fanbase is actually justified !! :lol: :thup: :rockin: :thup:

But seriously, I share the same sentiment. For what it's worth, I think it was a TD but it wasn't obvious, especially not in real time with only one angle ...

Too bad it didn't happen two minutes later. The league would have reviewed it "for free".

That's 2 games now involving the ALS were they have benefitted from poor refereeing. :wink:

Or why not use the technology we have? Make every potential scoring play automatically reviewable. That way stuff like this doesn’t happen again.

If he had to maintain control after contact with the ground then the correct was made in my opinion. He had control with his feet down, but as soon as he hit the ground, if you pause it on the replay you can see the ball starting to come out, then when he fully hits the ground the ball pops loose. IMO the correct call was made on the play. Now I know other fans will see it differently then me, but from what I saw by slowing it down and pausing it multiple times is that the correct call was made according to the rule of having to maintain control after contact with the ground.

I saw it as he did survive contact with the ground but not the ripping out of the ball by the defender a mere fraction of a second after. But I didn't study it like you seem to have so I would defer to your better judgment.

I just watched a few times looking for the ball, and I'm not sure on the ruling, is it basically as soon as he hits the ground he has survived? Or does he have to fully survive, because he was down for a fraction of a second, but as soon as his back snapped back you could see the ball starting to come out. No doubt it was from being pulled loose by the defender, but it was at the same time, so I'm not sure how that ruling would work there.