Refs miss field goal call

How could the refs have missed the field goal by Duval. The thing went right thru the middle of the uprights. No wonder it got returned for a TD.

I'm pretty sure it went wide. However, Parker did grab Duval's facemask during the return, therefore the Touchdown shouldn't have counted.

BUT, mad props to Dorsey, it was lot's of fun to watch, and made the game that much more interesting.

CFL refs never miss a call! :wink:

Duval clearly missed it

It is not clear he missed. Draw a vertical line from the goal post upwards. Seems the ball is to the left of the post.

1)Defense_rules claimed that it went right down the middle and that is obviously not the case.
2)It is impossible to tell from a still when the ball passed the post. As a Montreal fan, I have no doubt that Duval missed it.

Well judging by that picture, its definetly wide. The ball is just inside the post, but falling down already deep in the endzone. It was probably right over or even just a little right as it sailed over the post. Pretty easy call as the ref just has to look straight up.