Refs in Training Camp...never thought of it before...

...the Titans have refs on the field during off-season practice and will be bringing them back for training camp too...did not even think this was a thing a team could could it hurt?

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They did it last season with every CFL team for a day or 2

...and it didn't help.

scarier probably did

The problem last year was with the rules first, not the refs.

... :lol: good points....

I agree to a point. The refs also cracked down a lot harder to start and then backed off some in time. It is a curve for everyone. I still believe that the biggest factor is the reduced practice week for the players. IMO the smartest thing the CFL could do right now is open the contract for negotiation and trade back the 16 hours of practice lost and have it implimented imjmediately, and in exhange up the cap by 1/2 a mil effective next season. a little late to be doing it this year....though they could offer a say an 8k-10K bonus for any player who dresses 12+ games as an immediate compensation and simply not have it hit cap this year. I am sure that would equate to roughly 1/2 a mil.

If the flags continue to fly by week 3 it needs to be addressed now. It is killing the game

For sure, more practice time for basic no-contact work like how to stay onside would be great. That stuff has been lost in the shuffle and it's a big cause of the problem. It's not the refs going offside or missing the time clock.

Part of the crackdown was also a league directive, not necessarily the refs just deciding to freelance, though.

Ottawa had CFL refs in on Sunday for a scrimmage so it's not just the NFL that has refs in camp.
Don't know if other teams do it but it's good for the players to scrimmage like it's a real game and good practice for the refs too. Henry Burris said something like "we had way too many penalties out there today"

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Pretty sure it is a league initiative, or it was in the past probably everyone in turn