Refs in Sask Game

half a million can make a HUGE difference to next year. its the the difference between a great QB and mediocre one.

i'm not talking about those calls, which i'm pretty mad at, but i'm mad at the esks players for being stupid, i'm mad at the last PI call that almost cost us the game, and alot in the first half, and alot others

You were complaining about the calls in the 1st half, they were all legitimate calls and they even missed a few, your team are undisciplined idiots. How else can I explain that to you, MORON?

so you are saying that if the SASK defence stopped RAY , long BEFORE, that long drive? Things would have been different?

I agree.

How about the SASK recievers , dropping balls and crandel over throwing people , near the end of this game?

My team.
Im a moron
Really? I am an Als fan
Who is the moron???

PI call at end of the game was terrible I agree, but it didn't matter.

TD call was just as bad, unfortunately one cost us the game and they other shouldn't have ever even happened. That last play should have been a kneel, not a bomb.

don’t pick on ro…you’re talking to me, and i already explained that.

Then what the fuck are you doing in here complaining? Don't make it sound like your supporting the Esks if you don't want to be labelled a Esks fan

settle down kk28, you're confused who ur talking about here

Yeah so,

Listen buddy
This is the main forum not the whinners forum.
What I was doing was voicing my opinion.
Now I highly suggest you remain civil.

well don't take it out on others

Wow Rider fans do complain about the refs a lot. I was at a pub watching the game and that’s all I heard from the guy beside me. Even on obvious things he was blaming the refs. I don’t think that Ray scored but until we get replay human mistakes will occur in the CFL. I also don’t believe that was pass interference at the end too. Right now the bad reffing is apart of the game, a part they have to find a solution for.

Are you trying to tell me Ray scored a TD?

.........take a hike kk, go for a walk, then report back to the forum at 20:00.......

kk28. You might want to settle down a little. Keep the language down and quit acting like a little baby. We lost. A call was made not in our favor. Not because the refs were biased, but because it was a hard call to make and he made what he thought was the right call, thats all you can ask of a ref.

But if you don't shut up, somebody will report you and kick you off. (not me, i could care less)

Very good advice.
I suggest you take it.

Alright, I'm going to work, peace out all.


I hope we stay in the west and machochia yaps it up, then if we win its iceing on the cake.