Refs in Sask Game

So first the refs give Ray a TD when it was quite clear on replays that he never got in mind you the ref that called the TD couldn't even see Ray so he had no right to make that call. Then on the point after they fell for Flemming's act, what a joke.

And it begins.

How can we not complain when we were robbed by the refs with our season on the line? Anyone who says they wouldn't say anything if it were their team after Ray's "TD" is a hypocrite.

Uh huh. And don't come here and say "they did you guys favors too". Cause sure that was a terrible pass interference call at the end of the game, but we would never have been in that situation if they hadn't screwed up early and they were clearly trying to redeem themselves.

Ya that ray TD was complete BS, I expect another Letter of apology. But when it basically cost us the game it really sucks they won't take away points.

Last thing I have to say..I want Instant Replay right now!

ya, guess what, every team has experienced this, we lost a few games on it...reffing is absolutely terrible for all sides, we need instant replay, what else is new?

I agree the pass interference call was the worst, the Rider receiver clearly slipped and fell down.

WHY come and complain. Do you think anyone is going to agree with the notorious sask complainers

im mad that it will cost us $500000, im not mad at the refs

I don't blame the refs for that call. It's almost impossible for a man to keep his eye on both the knee and the ball at the same time, in real time, with 24 guys moving on the fireld at once.

I agree with subZero. Bring on Instant Replay.
I repeat it was not the refs fault, but in my opinion it was not a TD

Where was the SASK..........defence , at the end of this game , on the drive , before RAY scored!??????????????????

You need a better FG kicker.

How many easy catches did SASK. drop , today.?

Who was the coaching genins who had his Q.B. throw 2 bombs , in a row in instead of just getting 10 to 20 yards trying to get into FG range?

SASK...........just didn't play well enough to win.......END OF STORY!!!!!!

EDMONTON , fans could complain about that interference call at the end of the game. :roll:

let's talk about all the other calls that were terrible that went against the esks all night....shall we?

I only saw the first half and I only saw calls in Saks favor but I guess those don't count

I will repeat for you one more time. im mad that it will cost us $500000, im not mad at the refs. does Edmonton need the money not really...but the riders are dieing they need the money.

Replay is a must when it costs teams money

Yeah our defense did let up at the end of the game. But they came up big on the goalline stand, only to get f'ed by the refs.

And yes that intereference call at the end was complete bullshit, but like I said before, they wouldn't have been in that situation had they called it right the first time on the TD.

Don’t be a hypocrite ro1313. We said nothing bad about the Als fans when they came on here complaining at the start of the season when your team was in the basement. We lost fair and square last week to Montreal, no complaining. We got robbed here in Edmonton, so we complain. It all has do with football and mainly our entire season in the west was on the line, so damn right we will come and talk about it. Simple as that.

Don't be mad at the refs that your team is a bunch of undisciplined idiots, not our fault?

money? the riders are pulling in way more money than everyone thinks, they get a percentage of our taxes, and you'd think with all the team support they'd be pulling in a crap load of money

Excuse me.
I am a hypocrite because I dont agree with you
Go take a flying