Refs HATE coming to Hamilton

Coming from a reliable source, I heard that the referees hate coming to Hamilton. The reason; when the referees go to officate in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal etc., they are catered to. The recieve the upmost respect with a clean, large change room, food/ drinks on the house etc. Hamilton is apparently the only team where this does not happen. Their locker room is "old, small and dirty", and if they want food or drinks, they have to buy it themselves. Could this be enough reason for referees to throw the game against Hamilton? After seeing Thursdays game and the questionable I think twice after receiving this informaion. What do you think????
Ti-Cats for Life!!!

Throw games....?
I don't think so.
Coming from a reliable source?

The team should easily be treating the refs better, on and off the field. We give the refs hell every time they make even the fairest call against Hamilton. I'd never blame the refs for 'throwing a game', kovacs.

The refs do their job as well as they can and without them there'd be no ball game. The calls keep coming against us because we don't know how to stay onside, not hold the other team, or keep our hands on the ball, not because they hate Hamilton.

It's their job to officiate. The drinks and larger rooms are incentives, which we don't need to give them. It's not like were asking them to change in a rat infested shoe box. I believe as long as the conditions are comfortable, they should be doing their job for the sole reason they are getting a pay cheque. The have a room with lockers, seating areas and privacy, that should be more than enough.

if you thought the officiating in the hamilton montreal game was mediocre,then the officiating in the toronto winnipeg game was atrocious

When do we turn the hot water off in their shower. :twisted: :lol:

8) They have to buy their own food and drinks you say !!!!!! That's a load of crap. Either the CFL or the TiCats themselves would supply that to the officiating crew !!!!
 Reliable source you say......Yeah, right !!!!!

They think their dressing room is small and dingy???

They should see the Visitor’s room.

I dont know what the conditions are in hamilton re every other city, but the refs should be treated equally well by all, and if any cityteam is not up to snuff, then shame shame.

having said that, anybody talking about the refs throwing games is an idiot.

Their dressing room is right under the stands. While it does have hot water, it is a little smelly, very small, the ceiling leaks through the concrete. Is VERY cold during the Fall games. They walk down a littered/junk filled hallway to reach the field. Depressing, yes, but no reason to throw a game, just to built a new stadium.

So teams have to bribe the refs now?

The league needs to investigate this and fire every ref that is blowing calls against us. These refs are brutal, they don't deserve a locker room they should make them go and change out in an outhouse 10 miles from the stadium.

This post is the perfect example of why the Cats don't get better...

I imagine each official is regularly evaluated by the league.

The Cats didnt lose cause of the refs...they lost cause AC picked them apart and the Als D contained the only legit Offensive threat...C.P.

It's true, I was waiting in line for beer at the end of halftime and one of the refs butted in front of me. He was so mad he had to buy his own beer that he didn't even leave a tip. No wonder we lost!

are you sure it wasnt a ticat player in disguise :twisted: :wink:

Oh boy, it's getting down to the refs hate coming to Hamilton that's why we lost. What's next, they won't be able to start the game in Hamilton because the ball boys have to bring their own cloths from home to clean the balls because none are supplied and the ball boy for game forgot to bring some. :lol:

The officiating as a whole in this league is horrible.It seems like we get it worse but we are looking through black and gold glasses.That said, it does seem that bias does play into certain officials in my opinion the worst culprits are Bud "the dud" Steen and Jake "the snake" Ireland.

When they're in it. :wink:

I really think they dont like thier new uniforms they have!LOL :wink:

The fact that Hamilton chose to hand the ball off on third and inches instead of the QB falling forward was the Refs fault too! :roll: :roll:

Not lining up properly (No End call) was the Refs fault for not holding the players hand when he broke the huddle. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Cheer up Earl, once Hamilton gets rid of Marcel B. the offense will turn around. (Remember he did nothing in Saskatchewan and Montreal....just ask the posters there what they think of Marcel!)