Refs dropped the ball, not Johnson!

I'm most definitely NOT a Stamps fan, but they were robbed. The call was wrong, but bad calls happen.

But to get it wrong on a REPLAY when its so clearly visible is just terrible. There's no excuse for such a blatant mistake.

George Black said what he said about not having posession long enough because he has to protect his referees, not because its true. There's no rule saying you have to run with the ball for 5 seconds before its a catch! He caught it, and was immediately downed by contact. The ball was in his posession when he hit the ground.

Its a catch, and a completely blown replay.

The CFL does not seem to have a clear position on what constitutes possession this season (witness tonight's Ti-Cats game). There seem to be a lot of balls dropped after several steps that end up called incomplete passes. The Burris-Johnson play, if debated, should have been debated on whether Johnson was down or if it was a fumble. Having a clean and secure hold of the ball in the air, during a hit and all the way to the turf clearly shows a catch.

There was another post (that seems to be gone now) that I apparently can't reply to there ... so here it is:

That is exactly what I thought of, too - that "offside" against BC, when the player was clearly onside according to video replay. But at least then they didn't have video review.

This doesn't make the LEAGUE look bad - it makes Jake Ireland (the ref) look bad (and to an extent, George Black too).

If Saskatchewan wins tonight (which I think they will), they'll only be 1 game back of us for 2nd, instead of potentially 2. I REALLY hope this bad call doesn't cost us 2nd (like it probably has cost us 1st).

I guess that JEFF JOHNSON'S non fumble near the end of the game , just doesn't matter here.

I guess the refs got BOTH calls wrong!

I'm talking about Johnson's fumble - IMO, that was the right call, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Stamps fan.

...i am by no means a Stamp fan....but that call by Jake Ireland just shows how bad the reffing has become....If that was not a reception by Johnson ...then there wasn't one all game....Just a brutal call by a brutal ref...The little fine by Black to Gass for that kick he delivered in that recent Ti-Cat game cinched it for me..Black and Ireland should clear out their respective desks and hit the road....they are inedequate.... AND TOTALLY INCOMPETENT.. :thdn:

You do not have posession immediately upon touching the ground, you have to maintain posession for a little while at least (the exact amount of time I am not sure of, I believe it is through one roll or a slide or something like that, but like I said I am not at all sure of the rule), but like I said, if you watch the replay without the big oaf screamiog about the bad call, you can see the ball moving a little almost immediately upon contact with the ground. George Balck in this case is exactly right, he did not maintain posession long enough. And this is coming from someone who despises all Toronto sports teams.

Tridus said:
George Black said what he said about not having posession long enough because he has to protect his referees, not because its true.

Yes, it appears the suits have to tow the company line, no different then how Bettman protected Brett Hull's BS goal for the Stars in the 1999 stanley cup final, can't make the refs look bad it seems.

This was shameful. The Stamps put themselves in that crappy situation to have to come back, but they worked amazingly well at fighting back. A late TD, a successful onside kick just to fall at the hands of poor officiating. I don't think this reflects on the Argos, the blame solely falls on officiating. I thought we brought instant replay in to avoid garbage like that. I think fans of the CFL should demand that George Black sit infront of a monitor and show people that that ball wasn't being controlled. Twice today replays showed a call should have been over turned and they weren't. I feel bad for both the Argos and the Stamps that their great game was ruined by...well, I don't know what you'd call it. Refs are never made accountable for stuff like this.

ya sure , JOHNSON's knee was down.

ARGOS WIN :thup:

Johnson did bounce around a bit though after making the catch, and held on - the ball was tight against his body with both hands. And on top of that, I don't see how they can come to that conclusion after only 30 seconds of review.

I'm not trying to play devil's advocate, and I appreciate that you're not just saying "nope, I'm an Argos fan, it was the right call" (and I don't think I'm just saying "nope, I'm a Stamps fan, it was the wrong call) ... but after looking at it a few times, I don't see how it can be called non-possession. Like someone said above, there have been more questionable calls than that this year (as to what constitutes a catch).

The review has to go...If you can't get that call right then the review is useless. Jake Ireland should never be allowed to Officiate a Toronto Argonaut game again. He is far too bias when it comes to the Argos. Check the stats on Toronto games he has officiated....Of coarse it could be he is simply following the Leagues wishes. After all it is vital to the CFL that they have a winning team in the Canadian media capital. The CFL allowed Toronto to ignore it's salary cap for years to ensure the success of Toronto on the field. Unfortunatly the rest of the league allowed it to happen because they too know it is in the Leagues best interest to have a winning team in Toronto. Thank God Hockey is back...Goodbye CFL....My season and interest in the League died today....Oh and by the way...I am not a Calgary fan so this isn't sour grapes....

For a league that already struggles for credibility against the American game, incompetence of the kind demonstrated by the officating staff -- after a replay -- is dumbfounding. What are these guys smoking?

JAKE IRELAND is bised towards the ARGOS????????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The TORONTO B.S. myth has gotten really old. :thdn:

This is completely unbelievable. That call was under CFL review, not a challenge. That shows a blatant mistake on the incomplete pass.

It's this s$%#t that underwrites the cfl for being a second rate league!! SICK SICK SICK

Doesn't matter. It should not have been so close despite the Argos "unpenetrable defense". Burris is having some severe problems with pressure. I thought the rider fans were just spewing bull, but they were right. Too bad. I will not be able to handle watching the pressure of a playoff game.

Definitely a step up from Crandell though atleast.

I'm too hooked on the CFL to quit watching it, even after the Stamps got jobbed like that ... I'll even continue to watch Jake Ireland games ... As for Black, of course he can't admit it was the wrong call. Doesn't mean it was the right call though ...

Speaking of biased leagues, how happy do you suppose the NHL is that the last two Cup champions have been from the SE?

Anyway, what makes it worse is that it WASN'T a judgement call, like pass interference is. It was a clear-cut defined call, and they got it wrong, even after video review.

Maybe coaches SHOULD be allowed to make challenges in the last 3 minutes of the half (why aren't they, anyway?)

YA , lets all stop watching the CFL because our team lost. Once again it was the REFS.

Not the argos defence , offence or special teams. Calgary should win every game.

The TORONTO games are fixed by JAKE IRELAND and the CFL offices in TORONTO!

Ricky Williams Clip to injure a player. Blatent face mask on a blitzing Calgary Defender, Face masking on Burris in the first half....All too much of a coinsidence to be a coincidence

The ball was NOT tight to his body with both hands, it was moving from almost the second he hit the ground. It wasn't a lot of movement, but it was enough to rule it a non-catch. After the first replay, I was with everyone else calling the ref an incompetent idiot, but after tuning out Walby and watching it with the second and third time, I am convinced it was the right call.

BASHIR face masked on a re turn [no call]
Johnson [non fumble , no review]

ARGO re turn T.D. by BASHIR called back by an ARGOS penilty.

ect......... :lol: