Refs did their

The refs are a joke ... Some of those calls were brutal

Well it was Peach that blew the game. He took a really dumb penalty. Instead of the Cats getting the ball the Stamps drove for a TD. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

I am normally harsh on the refs but I thought they were okay tonite.

Peach went helmet to helmet and late.

The PI call was garbage but he also grabbed his facemask.

Those 2 calls plus Giguerre not coming back for the ball that led to a pick 6.

If you blame peach it was a borderline call as he hit glen just after he threw which in my mind was clean

he did two things wrong. Good call refs. Damnit anyhow.

Yes, that one was pretty dumb. But you have to admit there were a couple of bad calls at least that helped Calgary. The UR call on Williams at the sideline. The PI in the endzone on an uncatchable ball. The missed holding on the big punt return. The missed holding call on the play just before the Cornish TD. The early hit on Giguere causing him to pop the ball up for the pick six. Just off the top of my head....

It was clearly a facemask to facemask hit. You could even hear it. Peach has been around long enough to know that you have to go at the qb below the shoulders and above the knees.

I love the CFL but I find the officials undermine the integrity of the game. For starters, as a group they are too flag happy. It's as if they think they are part of the entertainment or that they have a quota to fill. Let's face it, you could throw a flag on every play. They need to learn restraint especially on pass interference calls and flags for contacting the quarterback. That call on Peach for example was brutal. He has momentum, it's a slippery field and all he did was give Glenn a bit of a shove and you would have thought KG was drilled the way he went down!
Okay...that's the end of my rant.

Come on lets get real,the call on Peach was pathetic.A little accidental girly push doesen't add up to roughing the passer,the Ref was trigger happy with the flag on that one.To give a real assessment I would say some calls this year have destroyed the outcome of to many games,a prime example was a non catch made by Montreal,George didn't have to decide on a challenge flag if the Ref would have did his job. :cowboy:

At least the officials are consistent in their calling the RTP penalties. QB falls down after he has thrown the ball, it's a penalty. And the players know this, which is why Peach's push on Glenn was unacceptable. You're right, it wasn't roughness, but it was unnecessary, and Peach should have known he'd get called for it. Dumb move.

While I think the officials have been doing a pretty good job in most cases, they have been pretty inconsistent in calling pass interference / illegal contact and holding. Holding only seems to be called in the trenches, but once the QB starts to scramble, the offensive linemen are allowed to grab jerseys, arms, whatever they can get their hands on, as long as they let go before hauling the defender down completely. maybe if we had a scrambling QB, we'd be able to take advantage of this too.

When rushing the passer via an inside lane you keep vertical and wave your arms over your head to block passing lanes. To transition from this mode to the tackling mode on a dry field is difficult, on an icy/snowy field .....

If Peach had blocked a pass every one (Cats fans) would have been happy. Same play two posssible results and we got the worst one.

NBA has introduced a 'diving' penalty, perhaps the CFL should investigate. They need to update the roughing the passer rules anyway

Sure, it was a girly push and Glenn always acts like he was run over by a bulldozer every time somebody even grazes him. But come on, don't guys like Peach watch other CFL games. All the refs have been flag happy this year about protecting the QB. They've been calling every play where the D player has a chance to let up but instead take a little cheap shot at the QB. No matter how minor. Peach had enough time to react and try to avoid Glenn or at least throw his hands in the air. He's not going to get away with shoving Glenn while the main official is standing right there specifically looking for that type of infraction.

Anytime we get Kim Murphy, aka The Garden Gnome, the Cats will be on the losing end of the never ending penalty parade. The most ridiculous calls were on Markeith Knowlton for offside( he wasn't) and unsportsmanlike for soft tossing the ball to a Stamp player who had nudged him. It would be nice if we could recruit officials who had actually played the game. Many seem to lack common sense when making their "ticky tacky" calls. Simple rule - No harm. No foul. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who still remembers Paul Dojack :x )

I agree that Knowlton wasn't offside, but it could have been a wrong number called.
And they always call it when you flip a ball at someone.
The missed call that got me was on the failed 2 point convert, Fantuz is being tackled under the goalposts. I wonder if he was the original target but Burris was forced to go to the lower percentage throw because of that.

IMO, the Peach call was borderline, the PI was non existence but the face mask was real, although minor as it appeared his finger or glove got caught in the Calgary player's grill. But I also thought that on the Grant fumble, there was a horse collar tackle.

Refs have been brutal the last 2 games for us. We all know the history of refs vs. Hamilton. The last few years haven't been too to bad. And all this season there hasn't been all that much to complain about. But, the last 2 games we got chipped....especially the last one. I mean the holdings on us and the non-offside calls against Calgary to name just a few. It really ends up costing us the game aside from some of the bone head penalties we already take.... M. Knowlton comes to mind.