Refs Destroy Another Game

Oh yes the Refs made sure the TiCats were flagged to death but see no Argo wrongdoings.Just like last year the Refs suck and turn more fans away from the game so here's the news for you Zebra idiots."We don't pay to watch you so please get it into your thick skulls". CFL Refs Suck. :lol:

Get your facts straight before you start crying the blues about "unfair" penalty calls.

Hamilton: 13 penalties for 114yds

Toronto: 12 penalties for 125yds

Instead of whining about the refs, you'd be much better served to be asking how it's possible for 3rd and 4th string QBs to hang 43 points on Casey Creehan's feeble attempt at a defence.

You must not have watched the whole game. There was a ridiculous phantom Roughing the Passer call on Toronto after Burris was grazed. I agree that the refs had a bad night, but you are wrong to say that it was just the Ticats who got the shaft.

Clearly the turnovers, not showing up for the first quarter, and farcical attempt at defense had nothing to do with it. :roll:

Agreed. Johnson's crew is one of the worst, but they are equal opportunity screw ups. They blow calls both ways.

holy crap man, you need to open your eyes!!

The Argos actually had more penalty yards i think. Hamilton was flagged but they were clearly infractions especially all the movement on the O line late in the game.

Me and my buddy left last night with 3 minutes still left when the score was 40-26..thought it was a done deal. Refs had a rough night, but it was a rough game too. good rivalry. ticats wanted in the playoffs but couldnt beat a 3rd and 4th string QBs.

Instead of complaining about the refs,,,,,can i ask why they did an on field presentation when Chad Owens broke the record last night? totally killed the momentum of the game I think, they couldve done it in between quarters or at half time. CFL has done this before with damon allen and anthony calvillo. just found it funny they break during a game to do it. Gotta love the CFL!!!

refs didnt destroy anything. Other than the wrong team winning, it was a good game and reffed as well as canshould be expected.

The officials did a good job, but the wrong team won? :lol: :lol: Watch the game again, especially the phantom Roughing The Passer Johnson called. :lol: Then watch the Ti-Cats struggle against a 3rd string offense. :lol: Now try and convince someone the wrong team won. :lol:

the wrong team won simply because I was cheering for the other team :cowboy:

One wrong call does not equal refs destroyed the game.

We can agree on something, however, I never said they destroyed this game and it was far more than one bad call. Not even just one bad call per quarter. Johnson and Clarke must have compromising pictures of you because you are the only one who defends these incompetent bafoons regardless of how obvious their mistakes.

The question is have the refs ever had a good night? Not any of the games I have watched this year.

The refs have been pretty good in every Rider game.

It's not just about how the penalties are near equal at the end of a game. Refs usually try to even up the penalties in all sports, unless one team is blatantly horrible, then it looks like they called a fair game. For me, it's when the calls are made and what the calls are for. Too many times I've seen one team penalized to death in the first half, while the other team rolls up the points. Then in the second half with the game out of reach, they start penalizing the winning team and the stats end up looking like they called a fair game... There was one Argo game where an Argo D-lineman kept lining up offside play after play. I commented repeatedly he was offside. There was no call until much later and even Dunigan said that the player had been lining up offside and he showed examples. Why wouldn't a ref see this ? Makes me wonder !...There is definitely room for improvement.