Refs demoted

Spotted this little nugget in the Winnipeg Free Press this a.m., part of a short interview they did with the Commissioner:

Free Press: There have been the usual complaints about officiating this season. What’s being done?

Cohon: "We have a good corps of officials but it can always be improved, yes. Some of the steps we’ve done in the last two weeks is we’ve moved from six crews down to five, so the guys that were underperforming or having some challenges have gone back down to the CIS to do some more training – two veterans as well.

“The buck stops with me on this one. We’ll continue to improve and work on it.”

Sounds like they’re trying to deal with the problem.

Im curious to see who were demoted.

Jake...please, please, please....PLEASE

how bout foxcroft

Can't make his dad mad....

gee,wonder how he got the job to begin with?

This is Good news,MR Cohon has taken steps to correct the officiating problems, But IMHO there is still the potential for human error, so why not have an Official in the press box, who can order video review, if a call or noncall affects the outcome of a game??

its about time....
most of them had too much say in the outcome of a game!!