Refs decide outcome

That interference call against Young was a joke .... the refs are total Morons ...

totally agree! Gave all the momentum to Toronto and thats all they needed. Hope that ref is fired after the game!

I agree that call should have gone the other way! BUT from where the ref was standing, which was in the proper position, he could not see the Toronto player reach around and pull him down. At first glance I thought it was a blatant call on Hamilton, but then with a second look in slow motion from another angle, you could see that. But that ref didn’t have slow motion and another angle.

Momentum changed big time from that point on. Complete bull crap. Heads should roll at the end of the season. This had to be the worst season in terms of blown calls by these officials.

Tiger-Cats decided the outcome of the game by laying yet another crap!!!!

When a team loses 36-16, it cannot be said that one bad call means that the refs decided the outcome.

MOMEMTUM often determines the outcome of games ...The call gave it to the Boatmen which cost us the game ,,,

That was as close as Young got to a reciever all night, he was gettig torched all night.

This has to be the funniest post I've seen in a long time. The Cats couldn't have beat themselves tonite. But thanks for the laugh. :lol:

In a closer game, I may have been disposed to agree with you. But to blame one bad call for a 36-16 loss, sorry that's unrealistic, and unfair. Lots of blame to go around here. . . don't let the players and the coaching staff off the hook here by saying one bad referee call decided the outcome. A good football team can overcome one bad call; if not, then they aren't a good team. . . and if they aren't a good team, then that's the problem and not the ref. If that call wasn't made, do you really think the Cats would have won this evening ?? I don't, not the way they were playing.

The Ticats had no momentum all game, so it was only a matter of time before the Blews turned the tide and kicked us to the curb. That had to be the worst game we've played all year. And the refs had nothing to do with the loss. If it hadn't been for some questionable calls against the other team in the third quarter, it probably wouldn't have been as close as it was.

They had better find a way to put this game behind them. The fact that we weren't playing some of our starters may explain it, and may be what helps the team deal with the loss.

Wonder who the starting QBs are going to be next week? :roll:

8) I agree with you MadJack, this is not a good football team, but I think you had better check the final score !!
  33-16....Not 36-16 !!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

There is no question that the bad PI call against the Cats killed any momentum that they finally seemed to have acheived. And that CAN be pinned on the refs. However, Hamilton didn't look too well tonight and may have lost this game anyway. With so many starters out of the game, it is really hard to accurately assess the game.

Knowing how the Ticats have played this season, and keeping up with the pattern, they will probably blow Winnipeg out next week, follow that with a hard fought victory against Montreal and lay an egg in the Grey Cup against B.C. We soon shall see.

You’re easily amused … ya know what they say Simple things amuse simple minds …

I was at the game to night o watch my grandson play with his team before the game. From the onset the Tiger cats looked like crap. Simmons and Johnson were crushed all night. Our OLine can not block for the run and once again Glenn was running for his life. This team has no heart no soul and is done like dinner. My grandsons team (12 year olds) played with more heart than Marcels misfits. The call against Young who was beat on just about every play did grab the receiver as he ran by him. A good call. Everyone at Roger Centre saw so the refs did not decide the outcome of this game.........Marcel and the misfits are all talk and very action. Get the fork out because they are done like dinner.

You gotta be kidding me ... A good call ?.. Get your eyes checked ... It was a Brutal Call ... another thing , you do realize that a number of starters weren't in the line up right ?.. Ridiculous ...

Was at the game for my birthday. Some present.
Two things.

  1. Bad call by ref. Happened in front of us.I can understand how they missed it though.
  2. No cohesion. Guess you couldn't expect any if the regular team has little and lots of scrubs were in tonight. The program they gave out at Rogers Centre didn't list a whole rack of players that we had on the field.

Yes, it was a bad call, but it did not by any means cost us the game.

You talk about playing with heart, I bet you've never played an organized sport in your life so you have no idea what its like to compete ... Hope your grandsons team never loses a game cuz you'll be calling them misfits...

The Cats would have lost an inter-squad game tonight.

Brutal football. Even sitting the starters.

And once again....Porter has to go. He has had several opportunities to show what he is made of and what he has shown is that he is awful. AWFUL.