Refs complacency to high of a cost

The stupidity of the Refs in the Montreal game was to costly for any team to take,they knew they could have asked for a review themselves of the Williams TD.What was the big rush not to review the TD?They were to far away to see what happened so the obvious thing for a professional to do would be to review a game altering score.

is the referee's fear of making a call against the Als franchise the fact that the last big call against the Larks cost an official his job?

doyddowler, sounds about right to me. I have never been on to think that it's a conspiracy and have always just accepted that it was a lack of skill and knowledge, but I'm beginning to wonder now.

email Tom Higgins and Mark Cohon and tell him what you think !!


No, they couldn't have.

They should take a page from the NFL Where all scoring plays are reviewable.

Clearly the call on the Williams TD was blown. :thdn:

He caught the ball and trapped it against his body with one hand, survived ground contact and had the ball ripped away long after being down = Touchdown!

To make matters worse, the attempted two point conversion throw had pass interference written all over it. Early contact and screening on the receiver.

It is simply disgusting that the refs are costing this team a game that we desperately needed for the standings and confidence.

I like MB's comment about the officiating (copied from Scratching Post):

“I'm not going to go there because I'll say something... I'm just not going to go there. But the refs shouldn't affecting the outcome of the game. If you're going to call it, call it both ways.?
He stated without actually saying it that the officiating sucked and favoured Montreal.

Fortunately, we fans are allowed to say it more clearly, although we are still limited in the language we are allowed to use. I can think of a few words I'd like to use about the calls, but would prefer not to get banned or have my posts deleted.

I agree, the call should have been a TD on the CW call, would like to see the CFL adopt the NFL rule about reply on a ll potential scoring plays. He cost Hamilton by being offside twice. Didnt see anything on this board about his injury at the end of the game, what was it and can he come back next week? Thank you.

Not quite sure why someone as fast as him needs to time his crossing the line as close as he did this game. And there's a lot of people pushing for the CFL to adopt the automatic replay rule like the NFL has, at least a lot of Ticats fans.

As for Williams's injury, it looks like it happened on the next play, the interception. He seems to have stumbled going for the catch, and was on the bench having his ankle taped up when they came back from commercial. But there's been nothing official except the comment quoted on Drew's blog. No idea how serious it is.