Refs Blew Another Call

The "interception" that was an incomplete pass along with a pass interference missed call, may have cost the TiCats the game.

The worst part of it is that it was reviewed and still blown.

ya was not conclusive to overturn that play for one...and should have been a pass interference even before the INT...pathetic refs most likely cost us another game

Could the Cats not callenge the NON CALL pass interference ???? on that play ???

Everybody say the pass interfernce and there was no call.WHY :thdn:

Can't challenge a penalty or lack of one and if they see a penalty on a challenged play review they can't call it either.

and even seeing the obvious call, still handed the interception to Montreal on a silver platter, too.... We could win against Montreal, but not with the extra players in stripes on their side.

Why didnt Montreal get penalized after throwing the Callenege flag for the second time in the first half ? The ref talked to him about the play and he picked the flag back up.It was the Armstead catch and turn over play.Hamilton got the ball back.The play was reviewed.

Dont you get a penety and a loss of a time out if you are wrong on the second challenege?

I was shaking my head too...wondering how pass interference against Montreal can turn into an interception for Montreal when two referees less than 10 yards away both called it an incomplete pass. Didn't they see the pass interference?

You gotta be kiddin' me!

The refs blew a call?

We had so many calls in our favour that at one point we had three successive roughing calls or late hits or piling on, that the refs gave us a drive of our own and we still couldn't do anything. We had a ton of breaks and choked yet again.

The refs and the Als were handing us this game on a silver platter, but they must have handed it to Ralph, because we dropped it.

He withdrew the challenge. I dont think you should be allowed to do so but you can.

LOL...was in a bar here in Montreal after the game and all the Als fans were bitching about the officiating and how it almost cost them the game.

Sorry Captain... those 3 calls SHOULD have gone against the Als...they were all late hits. There was no question about any of them.

That said...we didn't lose because of the Stripes today.

Is that a dubious record? Being shafted twice in the same call?

First, no interference called when the receiver was obviously dragged down.

Second, (also second week in a row), an on-field call is reversed without indisputable video evidence to the contrary. If anything, the one TV angle seemed to show the tip of the ball contacting the ground before it was wrapped up by the DB.

2 officials, with different angles and views, both immediately called no catch yet the ref can watch inconclusive video and reverse the call (again, same as last week vs the Bombers with the non-catch reversed into an interception with no clear video to show otherwise).

What's the point of video review if the refs are going to ignore the rules and/or make assumptions and change the calls, certainly not based on what is shown on video.

No wonder it took him 2 minutes to finally make the call... took that long to negotiate and bump up the payola from the Als :frowning:

*** The Als deserved all those late roughing penalties. Lucky for us they were not reviewable or they would have likely been reversed too, despite irrefutable video evidence as proof they were warranted.


Of course they were all valid penalties. I never said they weren't. The point I was trying to make was that refs did not cost us the game, just as you say. The Als had so many stupid penalties that gave us tons of oppurtunities and we still couldn't score. It's ludicrous to blame the refs when we can't score.

Pick your QB: Printers, Williams, Chang or Maas; it's the same offence. It can't score and it chokes consistently.

"The refs blew a call." Yeah, right.

That said…we didn’t lose because of the Stripes today.
True…but they sure as hell didn’t help.

Once again I watched the ref’s overturn an on field decision using very subjective replays.

Furthermore, on the drive where the Als got the Fg putting them up 27, Thurman was so offside, he was in line with the Ticat defenders when the ball was snapped. No wonder he had an easy time making that catch for a huge firstdown.

I agree though the Cats started off pathetic (especially on defense) and never seemed to match last weeks intensity. But the pathetic officiating seems to be occurring every week now.

(As you can see…I’m still quite PO’d.)

Those late hits by the Als looked as if they were trying to make a point too. Not only beating them on the scoreboard, but kicking the Cats when they were prone.

My solutions? Late in the 4th when the game was essentially over…

For Bud Steen…I would have sent my receivers to one side of the field then have Printers nail Bud (the SOB) in the head with a pass. Then when he’s picking his sorry butt up off the field, remind him to keep his eyes open ALL the time.

The intentional late hits by the Als…make your hits even later…and even harder. They nailed our QB in the arm with a helmet…I’d nail their QB in the ribs with a helmet. Only I’d make sure their player wouldn’t be getting back up off the field.

Their receivers in motion and offside, I’d have my LB’s in motion to meet them at the line of scrimmage with their helmets lowered and drive them so hard…they’d not only be back on their own line of scrimmage…but back a few centuries too.

To me, it seems too many teams are viewing our Cats as patsies and the officials are playing right along.

is it ever gonna occur to you that its your own horrible play that costs you games, not the reffing?

I agree that we should have played better if we wanted to win that game, but we were still very much in the game at the time of that HORRIBLE call. It would have been bad enough had there been no interference on the play and they had awarded the interception without clear evidence, but they missed a blatant interference call on that play (which they obviously saw on the replay even though they can't call it). Logic would dictate that they NOT overturn the call on the field. To much to expect, I know.

a refs call can never be blamed for the outcome of a game, because if he's expected to be perfect, then so is every single player on the field who drops a pass, fumbles a ball, or misses their intended receiver. if 1 call is the difference between winning and losing, you dont deserve to win.

If you believe that a ref's call can never be blamed for the outcome of a game, you're very naive. It happens. So what you're saying is that in a close game where both teams have played well if a ref blows a call and it costs one of those teams the game they didn't deserve to win?? I disagree.

I can't wait to see if Black will have a write-up about this play on sometime soon.

A ref can clearly determine the outcome of a game. Just look towards the NBA for that answer. With that said I do not think the refs were trying to help Montreal win...they just simply blew this call big time.

I really think they need to reinforce what it means to have indisputable evidence to over turn a call on the field and never mind the pass interference.

The refs in the CFL are consistent...they consistently blow calls!!...both ways! How they can overrule a call on the field though when the replays seem inconclusive is a mystery; in light of the league rule. This has happened to the Ticats at least twice.