Especially that french edited Proulx or whatever the hell his fake edited name is! The last few games have been ruined by these edited officials! Rambo get's horse collared screws up his knee NO CALL! Browner interfears with a Lions Receiver gets a INT NO CALL! Dressler has control of the ball with knees down NO WHISTLE! Did you see that idiots facial expression when they called Precedure on the Esks O-Linemen when they thought it was off sides SSK? HE looks over to another ref and looks upset that he's being told to call procedure. This is edited! Gabe Morency even said it on his radio show! "The rule book in the CFL? What rulebook, i should say the refs just make it up as they go" Their turning this league into a laughing joke for people outside (and even possably inside) the fanbase! This is complete crap and im getting sick of it, it's almost unwatchable!

CFL officiating the last few weeks= :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Here we go again - another WTF is wrong with the refs thread. As predictable as day will be light and night will be dark.

Sorry, I gotta disagree. I can't say that I see perfection in the refs but they are not interfering in the game or the outcome of them. And the Dressler catch/non-catch? Well, it just wasn't a catch - pains me to say it as it might have kept a winning drive alive, but it's the bitter truth. If it was, then there are dozens of exactly similar plays that are consistently called the same way and they are all wrong.

Newsflash: referees are not infallable but that does not make them terrible. And guess what: nor is Dressler.

And your derogatory name calling is an embarassment to the rider fans' collective good name.