Refs are awful!!!

Already a bad call against Montreal (interference on offence) and a bad NON call that should have been called against BC defence (pass interference on Cahoon). Bravo CFL and your refs!!!

quit complaining already

It's not the refs fault the Al's cant move the ball

The Lions are dominating,to heck with the Reffing,your right ro1313

True, they can't move the ball(see my Calvillo rant in the Als forum). But the refs did miss on those two calls. And you shadap!!!

The first call was not even on camera so how can you say they missed it?

We're losing not because of the officiating, we are getting thoroughly beaten by a far superior team.

Dickenson is on the day (and has been all season) superior to Calvillo; their defensive and offensive lines are superior; their special teams (coverage, fg, and punting) are superior; their receivers are superior.

Quit looking for scapegoats or excuses. The Lions are superior to us in every facet of the game, we just have to admit that.

Why Don't you .. BOTH SHADDUP!! - (Simpsons)

Refs are NOT making this any different!

MCCallum is having a good game ay cflisthe best! Why could he not kick an 18 yarder for you guys?

The worst call so far is the early whistle on the Dickenson fumble, would've been a Montreal TD. I don't really care either way who wins, just like seeing a good game with good officiating :slight_smile:

hey not many penalty refs doing good job

The Chop block call on Flory was bull!!!!

Give it a rest will ya!

learn football will ya? A chop block is when an offensive player has his hands on a defensive player and another offensive player hits him in the legs. When Flory hit the guy, Chiu was no longer holding him. No infraction!!!

Edwards got into the end zone on the first try. The refs missed it. Then he fumbles on the second try. Good jobs refs and the CFL fix another game.

Learn some sportsmanship!

Like I posted earlier, we got beat by a better team. Give credit where credit is due instead of looking for scapegoats and excuses. At least in the second half we put up a bit of an effort, which was sadly lacking in the first half.

The Lions dominated the Als for most of the game. The Lions deserved the game, despite the fact that the refs screwed up once.


MONTREAL , had 0 first downs in the 1st quarter. :thdn:

MONTREAL , dropped many catchible balls in the first half. :thdn:

MONTREAL , won a very KEY challenge to over turn a call. [that had to do with the refs and went in MONTREAL’s favour :thup: ]

WHY didn’t MONTREAL challenge their own fumble on the B.C. 1 yard line? :o dumb , very dumb. :thdn:

Most of these had nothing to do with the REFS.

B.C. , just kicked MONTREAL’s butt , again. :cowboy:

Montreal was outplayed by B.C. from start to finish.
The best team won. No doubt about it. Blaming the refs is just sour grapes