In the Hamilton vs Montreal game Refs missed the hit to the head on Mass and on Montreals 3 td the holding from the Montreal tackle on the hamilton end was seen from the moon (67 mon vs 70 ham) Black, what do you teach these refs, the game is refed so inconsistant. Wake up. Oh and Suitor, stop please stop, your commentating is pathetic. Critizing the Hamilton D for the above td and not mentioning the holding by Montreal. Get a life… The CFL must replace Black and Suitor.

i agree with replacing suitor....the worst.

No kidding its like last week and the week before so much for improvements in the off season. And please no one tell me they are only human that is obvious.

DG sit down I am going to agree with you on Suitor he is by far the dumbest commentator (ahead of Walby) that is covering the cFL.

I must beg to differ; I thought Suitor was very perceptive this evening. I think his point about the inexperience of Taaffe's staff was very prescient.

As well, not once but twice, he showed a replay demonstrating the perils of taking your eye off the ball (once by Maas in shotgun at his own goalline, the other by Walker after he'd been creamed by Sanchez on the previous play).

Those were valid insights I thought.

I'm no play-by-play expert but I really had no problem with those guys. Other than John Madden there isn't one on the planet that somebody won't hate. There are probably people who even hate Madden. Generally I'm more interested in the game than what they say anyway. Half the time I'm not even listening to them.

I know lots of people who hate John Madden.

I noticed the roughing the passer stuff too. In the other three games, sneezing near the Quarterback after he threw the ball was a penalty. But for some strange reason you can take a run at Mass and not get called.

Go figure.

Funny you don't mention how the ref failed to notice when Thyron Anderson came back on the field after one play, after he left with the team doctors...

One can always decide what he sees and what he misses, eh?

The CFL does not hire and fire play by play guys. The broadcast host, (that would be TSN in this case) would do the hiring of all television production personal.

Yeah , Week after week I hear about how p!ss poor the commentating is.

Is it really that bad? If it is, then who in the world could we possibly get to replace the ENITRE CFL commentating team?

I have not heard one person say, "The commentators were good this week"