refs and video reviews

Last weekend was an embarassment for this fine Canadian game. I hope that someone in the higher ups of the CFL reads this. Two terrible calls by the refs. And then, upon video review, they maintained their position?????!!!!
The one I remember distictly was the touchdown given to Milt Stegal when he caught and dropped the ball on the touchdown line. He clearly did not have possession. The other was a similar situation with BC and Edmonton, I do not rememebr the specifics but I can only say, what could possibly be the meaning of "surviving contact with the ground". If a player does not survive contacrt, this should be a fumble. The refs called it complete and play dead????
These two calls were an insult to the fans. It should be the refs that should be under video review, not the plays. If refs cannot right a wrong that is blatently obvious, then they should change the refs or eliminate video reviews. It is an insult to the paying fans.