TSN was so negitive about Hamilton everytime they touched the ball. Matt Dunagin has to go . I sent a email to TSN about Matt calling Hamilton Ticats Cheaters, hes so one sided calling the game.

As for the (refs)calls in the game - well one sided again and if you watch the clock it always favers Montreal. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Why the officials in the command center wouldn’t review that TD is beyond me. This is what makes the CFL bush league. TD plays in the endzone should automatically be reviewed just like they do in the NFL. That non call could have won us the game.

Really good teams will find the way to win games in spite of questionable calls. I think we looked a lot better than last week, except for injury to Grant. I'd like to see more rush against punts and FGs.

Two missed field goals, two interceptions and a botched onside kick, there are your five plays.

That play might push the CFL to do what the NFL every scoring play...though since it technically wasn't a scoring play, they might not have reviewed it...

Dont forget about the TD by Williams that should of been called.

And a TD called back because of an offsides....

Quite right. I'm in favor of command center reviews on possible TD calls.
There is much at stake, and a just decision should be made JUSTLY.

Refs make mistakes. All the time.

And yes, refs can and do lose games for teams
To say otherwise, is pure ignorance.

As a former hockey referee I don't criticize any sports official easily. However, in the fourth quarter there were concerns with the officiating crew. The pass intereference non-call on the two point conversion play has to be discussed in CFL head office next week. Furthermore, the Chris Williams touchdown that was taken away needs to be addressed. A scoring play like that needs to be right. It needs to be reviewed whether the team has a challenge left or not.

If the officiating is consistently bad for both sides then no team should complain the refs cost them the game. However, if there are two calls like the one's I've described above then it is fair to point out the errors.

as a former long time high school level football referee, I think I have the right to criticize when the officiating is below standard, and to be frank, the CFL refereeeing is becoming increasinly incompetent. The selective callling of interference when a defender screens is a joke. The 2 point convert ought to clearly have been a call, and TSN did point out a similar botched call that the Cats got away with. Then there is the call on Bo Smith on defence when Jamal charges and runs over top of him, should be offensive and I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought it was a deliberate style Montreal preaches in having the big receiver attach and engage the defender, to either knock him over or to use the strength to cause separation, and Jammall and Green do it and get away with every time, and those are clearly offensive interefence calls/

And then there is the official who botched and took away the Williams TD. He ought to be canned like the fellow several weeks ago, because that was obvious. There are some great officials, you never hear about them, but there are far too many incompetent boobs which unfortunately can ruin a game and determine the outcome.

As there is no transparency or accountability of the officials, at least publicly aside from one firing, the only solution is to cover the ass of the incompetent refs by making every scoring play reviewable, and adding more challenges. This is not just a one game event for Cat fans, what about the Williams TD/fumble against Winnipeg and the defender preventing the player from getting the fumble with no call, and then another ref makes the call, correctly , about a week later.

CFL, do something because the more cynical fans may start thinking that it is not worth making an emotional and financial commitment to a team or game.

Officials always make mistakes and so do football teams.

The Tiger-Cats made too many today. That game was their's to win and they simply did not play well enough to earn a victory.

Officials always make mistakes and so do football teams.

The Tiger-Cats made too many today. That game was their’s to win and they simply did not play well enough to earn a victory.

Very true, but when a team scores what looks like a touchdown and then it is not called correctly, the blame falls squarely on the officials.

Agreed: the Cats looked like they came out of the gate swinging,and then fell flat. And then they ran out of time at the end. Final whistle.TiCat loss. Officiating errors were made, but teams need to fight through them regardless.

There was also an obvious offside on the Glenn INT after the TD that was called incomplete. We missed opportunities but the refs cost us this game. I usually side on the side of the refs but this was a very bad called game.

Agreed 100% with this, because the INT happened, and then when we were on defence, they called an offside on us to keep MTL's drive going...

Inconsistency by these refs in every game for all teams is brutal!

From the Scratching Post...

CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins, who was at the game in Montreal, said he hadn't seen the plays himself Sunday night but had spoken to the league's replay command centre run by former on-field official Jake Ireland. Though neither was reviewed – the Ticats were out of challenges when the Williams play occured and pass interference isn't subject to video analysis – Higgins said both calls seem to have been made correctly.

“The receiver went up, two hands on the ball. The defensive back, one-hand on the ball. Now you must survive contact with the ground and hang onto the football,? Higgins said of the Williams play.

As for the non-call on Cox, Higgins said it was a bang-bang play in real time.

“We've been asked by coaches not to call ticky-tack pass interference because the yardage is so big,? he said. “I don't think that call meets what we're looking for.?

And the Ticats did have other opportunities, including two field goal misses from Justin Medlock.

I have to take issue with this statement. Richardson and Green play a physical style, but they don't 'get away' with offensive pass interference any more than other CFL receivers. If anything, they get mugged and contacted at the line without always drawing penalties. I frequently see replays where the DB has both hands on either Richardson or Green the whole route and there's no flag.

And there is nothing illegal about fielding receivers who have the size and strength to create separation from the DBs. That's how the game has evolved, because DBs are so fast and defenses have gotten very sophisticated. So offenses are trending toward larger receivers who can win contested balls in traffic against smaller defensive backs. Once DBs get bigger, offenses will likely readjust...

Aside from a couple of Chris Williams' and two obvious O-linemen illegal procedures, we were tagged wayyy too many times. Even watching the game on TV I could see several obvious Als' offsides by their recievers.....that were never called.
I believe the Als' have a good offensive line, but Calvillo had way too much time on at least 10-12 plays. I couldn't believe there was no holding go on all game!
Penalties killed us. I don't believe we were that much more guilty than the Als. It's been a little while since the officiating has been this bad in a game we played in. I have to believe that they greatly influenced the outcome of this one. It reminded me of so many other all too common games over the last 10 years, where refs killed us.

Obviously he did not look at the replay as Williams came down in control slid out of the end zone before the ball was stripped. The Cox inteference was just that inteference. we have all seen less called before. Higgins is doing a CYA. If this is truly what he believes than it is no wonder the officating is so horrendous. We still lost because they out played us on the lines. Our DL and OL are sorely lacking.

If he has to maintain control after contact with the ground then the correct was made in my opinion. He had control with his feet down, but as soon as he hit the ground, if you pause it on the replay you can see the ball starting to come out, then when he fully hits the ball pops loose. IMO the correct call was made on the play. Now I know other fans will see it differently then me, but from what I say by slowing it down and pausing it multiple times is that the correct call was according to the rule of having to maintain control after contact with the ground.