REFS and Command Centre

I was at the Ticats/Al's game. There were several penalties called where you could tell the head ref was in communication with the Command centre before calling the penalty in the stadium.

If there is a penalty called on the field announce it. If Command wants to change it, let us know after the call on the field.

Late in the game, there was a flag during the play. About ten seconds after the play, during a scrum there was a late flag.

Again you could tell the ref was talking to Command. After a long conference, they called illegal block on Hamilton. That was it. No reference what the late flag was for.

Until there is transparency with communication between the refs and the Command centre, betting will never be serious with the CFL.

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Is it a fact that refs are in communication with command centre before making calls? If it is a fact - did it improve the game? Never mind betting - did it improve the game overall?

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Noticed the exact same thing. Someone saw something, clearly threw a flag, then nothing.
It's so bush league

No problem with the refs talking with Command, but let the fans know what was said and what effect it had on the play.


Actually I DO NOT like this new way that the game is officiated. You have on field officials that are continually undermined by the eye in the booth. Get rid of one or the other. You see a big return or something and you look an no flags so you think, cool a great play. Then just before the snap a whistle because the damn booth wants to stick their nose in and take over.

Who's in charge anyway? It's supposed to be the head referee but it's NOT anymore. If that's the way that they want to do it then get rid of the hankies and get rid of the on field officials. Just have a couple of guys to move the sticks and place the ball. Let the booth send a whistle sound through the stadium PA to stop the play and let them announce all the calls themselves.

The way that they're doing it now is total b--lsh-t.

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Yea I have to agree, let the refs on the field ref the game. That said I do like the ability for them to get it right and maybe some adaption to the challenge rules. For one the coaches can challenge until they get it wrong. And second, they can challenge only the things the current command center seems to be used for. The command center reviews as they do now and only if the coach throws the flag do they change the call on the field, so the coach has to initiate it. That should make it quicker and not make for fishing expeditions like in the illegal contact days.

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