Reformat the Schedule

OK, the scheduling in this league is crazy.

A couple of examples:

  • In 7 weeks the Eskimos played Winnipeg 4 times and Ottawa twice.
  • The Argos have played BC twice already, and within 12 days play in Toronto, Vancouver, then Montreal.
    And I bet stupid scheduling goes for all teams.

One of the biggest benfits that is part of the argument for league expansion is that a 10th team will bring balance to the schedule - every team will just play each other twice.

My proposition is this: how about making the regular season a 16 game schedule? With the 9 teams we have, each team can play each other twice over the season (once near the start, once near the end), and each team only plays once a week. I think it could possibly prevent a lot of injuries and end the griping about crazy parts of the schedule that each team has to live through.

Plus, we’d get to see our teams in action every week - no byes.

As for lost revenue, why not have 4 preseason games? And why not have a couple of them televised? I’m betting most teams don’t really get a good enough look at new talent in two games, and even Winnipeg and Hamilton would have solved their quarterback problems by now.

I think it’s a good idea… thoughts?

Not 16 games unless the 10th team doesn’t come along, 16 to me is just too little. You need bye cuz players have got to take a break!

I’d love the idea of having 4 preseason weeks instead of 2 cuz that will iron out the problems with players and errors which seem to carry into the frist weeks. same for the refs. I think CFL traning camp should begen before the NFL draft and should go on during and after it. Players add to the roster after the draft will get a little traning in the camp before it ends and they problems will be ironed out in the pre season.

What do you say to that?

That sounds like a great idea to me, i think a factor in the bomber/Esk game was the fact they have seen each other so many times, but yeah i love the idea!!!

Would It Not Then Be Better To Extend The Season An Extra 2 Weeks So That Teams Could Have A Bye Week Without Having To Play This 3 Games In ten Days Stuff. I Don’t Agree With Shortening The Season Nor Adding More Preseason Games, If Teams Want To See How Good Their Backups Are Then They Will Just Put Them In When They’re Lossing/Winning By Large Amounts. Also Having The Teams Play Every Other Team Only Twice Isn’t A Good Answer Either. It’s Better For Rivalries To Have The Teams Play Each Other More Times Then Other Teams.

Won’t work EskJebus…and here’s why

You can’t have every team play every week because there are only 9 teams in the league. If you want to have every team play, then 1 team will have to play twice, which re-opens that whole scheduling can’o’worms from a season or two ago. I’d rather have teams have a bye week to rest up than to have some team have to kill themselves trying to play 2x in 5 days or less.

I’m not at all opposed to a 4-game preseason schedule to allow for better evaluation of players, but don’t think that will happen anytime soon. The reason they changed it (back in the late 80’s) was to get the increased gates from actual games.

To close, I agree that the schedule is far from perfect, but it’s a heckuva lot better than what it was just a few years ago. At least we don’t have any more of those stupid Tuesday and Wednesday games all the time.

Esks may have played the Bombers 4 times, but 2 of those were preseason games, so they don’t really count. Many of the players in those games didn’t make the final cuts. To me that just seems like an odd scheduling quirk since to my knowledge, western teams didn’t play more than 1 preseason game vs a single opponent…although I could be completely wrong on that.

Ottawa vs Monteal x2
Winnipeg vs Edmonton x2
Hamilton vs Toronto x2

Sask vs Calgary vs BC were the only series with different opponents this preseason

The 18 game season is very nice, but the inherent issue is the scheduling.

The most obvious answer is an extra team in the league.

However, and Kanga can vouch for me on this, a 22-round schedule fits more league structures than any other. With 2 5-team divisions, you can play intradivisionals 3 times and interdivisionals twice (this is what I think the NHL should do, with conferences, for a 72 game season).

A better suggestion for the current league structure is twice against everyone, plus two more games against certain opponents. You might want to get rid of the conference/division system and just have a single league table.

I looked at the this years schedule again and I’m for one am pissed off!!!

especily with week 6 where ther are 5 games that week instead of 4. WTF!!! that makes no sense! and Toronto get an extra bye, maybe cuz they won the Cup which isn;'t bad but makes no sense!

Though I like Steve’s idea, I think that 22 games is a little too much in a regular season.

Instead, I like to see the CFL have a 4 week preseason with or without an extra pre week for an All Star game to begen the season with last years all stars (ot make sense it should be an all star game then cuz players don’t play 100% in an all star game anyway.) then a 20 week season with 10 teams (maybe more but I’d have to adjust the schdule for that) with 10 weeks of 5 games and 10 weeks of 4 games. THAT MAKES SENSE!!!

right now, a team has an extra game to play and Winnipeg doesn’t get the bye untill week 15 and will be overworked and Ottawa plays the Labor day classices back to back, so THEY wil be over worked!

One reason I can think of as to why we may see so many back to back games may be travel costs. Most return plane tickets are cheaper than one way and are definately cheaper if you stay at your destination a few days. So if a team buys a return fare they can have the other team use it a week later to reduce costs. Just a thought.

It should be time the CFL get a sponsorship with an air travel company. Westjet was there for the playoffs last season, but how about a full comittment to move the teams around during the season? Or at least at half price?

The CFL used to have 4 pre-season games and I’m glad they cut them down to 2. I hate pre-season games, they are boring and shitty football. 4 exhibition games was too long for the season to get underway. Personally, I would love to see a 22 game schedule. The more CFL games the better. Another thing, why not televise all CFL games. It amazes me that in a 9 team league, there are some games that are not on T.V. !!! :!: :!: :!: :!:

I’m against a 4 games preseason, because I am certain the very imaginative masterminds of the CFL would pit Montreal against Ottawa four weeks in a row.

HA,HA,HA. Maybe Ottawa would play all 22 games vs. Montreal !!! :wink:

That really would be a bore.

I afaid I have to disagree with ORR and 3nd cuz I like to see the season get started earlier, that way I can enjoy footy in late may and early june and the player can Iron out there mistakes.

Ottawa playing 4 games back to back with Montreal, no way! maybe two home and away and then two with other east teams.

Actually, that doesn’t matter much. The most common travel situation is one where you go home right after an away game, even if you’re on a so-called road trip. Why? To use your home facilities and get home to your families, of course. If you were to just be hanging out on the other side of the country for a week, it would costs loads of money, mainly in hotel costs. It’s just easier to get that cheap return flight and stay at home until Friday or so.