Reform CFL rules to improve running game

But also it would allow qb's to have a better look at the entire end zone and find receivers without the posts in the way.

I agree about no contact on the receivers other than purely incidental type of stuff like in basketball.

But on third and 2 or greater you'd see punting. A lot more punts.

Also, how would you do converts?

Missed field goals would usually be dead ball plays when they go out the back of the endzone. Returns would virtually disappear. Way too American for my tastes.

Agreed. I'm fine with the rouge and actually love what it adds to the game, but for the life of me I've never been able to understand the reasoning for spotting the ball on the 35 yard line. What is the point of giving the team such good field position after a rouge? That's an entire third of the field. It's like a reward for being scored on. Doens't make sense.

I'd give it to them on the one, therefore every single play in the endzone would have to returned. What's more exctiing than that? And what's more exciting than seeing a team pinned back on their own one yard line? Urgency and desperation makes for great football.

If field position is earned by a team's offence being able to move the ball, then they should be rewarded, not the defending team.

I don't have a problem with the "rouge". Its a point for failling to get the ball out of the end zone, not rewarding failure on a field goal.

NFL fair catch? Are you kidding? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

How exciting is it to watch some weenie wave in the air "DONT HIT ME, PLEASE DONT HIT ME!" or worse yet five or six 300 lb players surrounding a rolling ball as it stops to rest on the ground.

Please pass the heart medication, I can't take the excitement of the NFL punting rules. :roll: :roll: :roll:

I agree, players should have to play the ball on a punt but also the rules have to be there to protect the returner and also allow for a decent chance to go for a decent gain. This is the trick I think.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Why is it that so many rules change suggestions are those that make it more like the NFL?
Get rid of the rouge!
Have a fair catch!
Move the goal posts!

Its the greatest game in the world as it is now and we don't need to emulate any other league

It can be said that yes... the game is partially broken...

Nothing I've suggested was to emulate the NFL. I want to see things that restore what the CFL has sold itself and survived on in the last 25 years. That is exciting, open, back and forth football with big plays.

I think the rouge can be tweaked to encourage more returns by way of either giving the team at least the 20 yard line for advancing out of the endzone ala CIS or reducing the field position awarded against the rouge. Also, it should only be awarded if the kicked ball can be returned in the first place i.e. bouncing in the goal area or touching a return team player in the goal area.

I've heard the argument that the rouge shouldn't be changed at all since being able to sail a kicked ball out of bounds through the endzone is a reward for earning such great field position. I think thats pish posh because it really isn't that difficult to do especially once inside the 30 aiming for the sidelines in goal. To win a Grey Cup in OT or on the last play of the game on such a play would be like winning the stanley cup in game 7 OT by flicking the puck over the glass.

I don't think that logic dictates that just because some people suggest some rules that might fall in line with some American rules that it means we are just trying to make it look more like another league really. Just trying to see what might be a positive change, if that means looking to other leagues, so be it. I do though agree don't change something if it ain't broke, true enough. But fans just like to converse about this rule change or that one, we all know that when it gets down to it, we are only going to see some minor tweaking next year with perhaps one biggie rule change maybe but probably not due to our discussions here I don't think.

I hear they want to bring back the old blocking rules.

Funny thing though I see many people want to get rid of the single and encourage returns,(the return, not the single) I have no problem with that..... even to the point of penalizing out of bound punts to encourage returns but most people are against that change.

As for winning the GC with a single.....Is it any worst than winning the world series with a walk or even a balk? Its all part of the game!

Or not making the playoffs in hockey because you lost a shootout. Ouch, that would be bad.

I would use the bases loaded walk or balk as an analog to a 1 yard plunge for a TD or short FG. Here it definitely takes alot of screwing up to get into that position both in football & baseball.

Win the Grey Cup on a single. I don't care. Just make it a returnable kick and have either great placement on the punt that does it or great coverage to kill the return and win that point. Thats exciting. CFL football doesn't need its own version of the bases loaded 9th inning walk.

Now that change I could live with!

Agreed 100%

Also, if the Grey Cup was won on a single, then so be it. the team with the most points wins. It's that simple. Nothing wrong with that.

Here are some punt return rules changes I'd like to see to encourage returns.

Punting the ball out of bounds is an automatic five yard penalty and the ball must be re-punted from 5 yards fartter back.

Same goes for the no yards pnealty. Instead of awarding prnalty yardage after the return, make them punt again from 5 or 10 yards farther back. There are coaches who are willing to accept a no yards penalty now to avoid the potential of a big return. Elimiate that by making the punting team punt again, but from farther back 5 or 10 yards, whatever the penalty assessment would be.

Then you'd see all punts returned.

I dont agree with the no yards-repunt. Especially if the punt is shanked. That could actually be an advantage and not a punishment if they could re-do the punt

I don't think balls that bounce out of bounds should be penalized either. Only penalize if the ball goes out of bounds before touching the ground.

My take on this issue:

Inside the twenty yard line of each team, the ball should be allowed to be punted out of bounds. Coffin corner kicks that go out at the 1 or 2 yard line are exciting to see, lets keep them in the game.

Balls that are punted out of bounds between the twenty yard lines are penalized 15 yards. This will force teams to keep the ball in play during punts that cannot reach the 20. This is where exciting returns are made possible.

In this way teams are rewarded by moving the ball down the field, as they'll be able to punt the ball out of bounds if they can angle inside the twenty.

But what happened to the exciting return?

With regards to the rouge. I have absolutely no problem with a game being decided on a rouge. I do have a problem with how the rouge itself can be scored, merely having the kicked ball sail through the endzone with no chance of return.

Extending the concept of "returnability" to all kicks, is another interesting idea as 'hwgill' mentioned. Keep coffin kicks and balls angled to the sidelines legal so long as they are 'returnable', that is: either bouncing in the field of play or touching a return team player before going out of bounds. Failure to do so would result in some sort of penalty be it yardage on the return or a re-kick from further back.

Another idea:

Kickoffs were one of the first aspects of the game to have a "returnability" rule drafted by making it illeagle for any kickoff to go out of bounds which ever way. It seems however that kickoffs have become standardized in the CFL with the ball being placed on a hashmark and being kicked between the hash itself and the near sideline while the cover team boxes in a corner.

I'm going to admit this is way too drastic a change but:

--How about requiring kickoffs to be taken from a hashmark and kicked toward the wide side of the field?

It would definitely make for longer, more dangerous returns but its probably one step too far a restriction for the game of football. It reminds me too much of the requirements of a tennis serve.

In this case the receiving team would decline the penalty and take the ball where it went out of bounds.

But aren't punt returns even more exciting?

But if you think having a team pinned on its own 1 yard line is exciting (as I do), then I think balls should be spotted there after a rouge is scored, or after an interception in the endzone.