What a classy guy, we all knew that. I just heard Tom today on Fan 590 here in Toronto and he was on with Bob McCown and co-host for this week Stephen Brunt.He was his usual up beat and chearful self.

Bob asked him if he has a new job and Tom indicated he was still looking and how his daughter calls him an "unemployed bum".
On the transition period, Tom advised there wasn't one persay but he has had a few discussions with Mark Cohon.
He remains available for Mark to call him anytime.
The league remains very strong and he expects some news before the season on new sponsorships.
As for Ottawa, there is no doubt at 100% the team will return and bets are it will be next year. The league continues strong dialogue with the one group who was discibed as very strong and connected.
Also and somewhat surprising which was also echoed by Stephen Brunt(who has heard threw the the grapevine), there is strong discussion in Atlantic Canada and surprise, from Halifax about building a brand new stadium and having a team sooner then later.
In fact, Tom heard just these past few days interest is very serious from politicians of all people.
I still say TW should have been the commish to this day and future.

beat ya to it by a couple

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argotom, did ya hear me on PTS?...LAST CALLER FIRST HOUR.

DG, I missed the call in portion, what did you say?

i said give my best to TW when he's on, and then talked about harry neale.

i have a thread about it in the off-topic section.

ArgoTom, Tom Wright did mention that he read an article
in an Atlantic Canada newspaper today that was positive
about a stadium being built that could be used for the CFL.

I am pretty sure it wasn’t the one
written by this editor.

click here

For a person who professes to be a ‘glass is half full’ person
this person sure sounded like the glass is half empty’
on the chance of a CFL franchise started up any time soon.

This editorial and the person who wrote it is typical anti sport and left wing mentality which exists by enlarge in the politics of Halifax.
All tree huggers reportedly.
From what Tom was mentioning it doesn't sound like the positive came from same.

The guy was pretty much right on about Halifax in the CFL, although I disagree that Sacrementoians did not take to the CFL. They had good fan support over their two seasons, averaging 18,500 the first season...about the same as Ottawa got for the Renegades. But the Goldminers were stuck with a joke of a stadium, built for $1.5 million with temporary rickety grandstands and port-a-potties. They moved to the Alamodome and became the Texans and enjoyed even more fan support.

isnt that an NFL team now?

they copied us those bastards...haha

This punk editor's attitude is the same as the ones I kept coming across leading up to the commonwealth games abortion.

Their media seems to have this ingrained "We-can't-do-it" mentality. I've never seen anything like it, it's like there's not an optimist in the bunch.

Every team's had financial troubles at some point or another, but do you think at any point anyone said "Wow, I wish they'd never existed at all"?

Same Mentality you see from alot of people coast to coast.
Look at Winnipeg, so many people saying "we don't need a new stadium, no one else is so why should we?" Although the bombers play out of the second/third oldest Stadium However the other two oldest have seen large scale improvements(Taylor field and Molson)

Then there... why should we built a big state of the art facility.. we should build only for what the Bombers need now, the CFL won't grow..

That of course isn't exact words but is exactly what comes across, same thing in Winnipeg for NHL talks, while it is far off there are ways to make it work people are just too scared or too dumb to think about them, it seems to scare people the thought of Canadian Cities becoming better then they are.

The Halifax Bid got shot down because of all the improvements it wanted to do? huh?

There was one part of it that they were going to tear down old, low quality appartments for new ones for the Athletes to stay in then after that Rented out to the public I beleive.. but nope that is a bad idea.
Build Facilities so world class athletes could train in Halifax and increase their pop/Economy.. nope bad idea.
Get a Quality CFL Stadium and have a CFL team that would also boost their Economy, get a Grey cup in 3-4 years to bring in 40M to their local Economy.. nope bad idea.

Those people are so annoying.

The Gold Miners played at existing Sacramento State. I think it was more the lousy team that did them in than a bad stadium. And some of those games were played in brutally hot weather 100+ degrees, you wanted to be in the "shady side." All in all it was a fun two years!

Yeah, it's great hearing Tom Wright on Prime Time Sports. So far they've touched on both my favourite issues - Ottawa and expansion to Halifax :slight_smile:

Tom seems really impressed with the group, and the leadership (Palmer) that the League is talking to, in trying to return the CFL to Ottawa. He says talks are still ongoing behind the scenes, which is what I figured, even if there isn't anything in the media. And, that's great news.

He also said that this will be different than the new ownership situations in Calgary, Toronto and Hamilton, and that it will take as long as necessary. He made it sound like perfection is necessary for it to work, and that everyone is willing to take as long as possible to make it work.

Stephen Brunt seems to think - and he's probably right - that there's a big political issue associated with bringing Ottawa make, ie, with the stadium, and how it would need to be improved, rented/leased, etc ...

Interestingly, there was no mention of the issue around the expansion draft. And they also didn't mention that the money issue has been sorted out (which may be the very reason why they didn't mention it). The big thing, other than the group being good and that talks are ongoing, seemed to be the political issues surrounding the stadium.

And then they moved onto the Halifax issue ... it was good to hear that there has been noise in the Halifax media about building a stadium (it seems to show that demand is there). But as mentioned, having only about 15 events a year isn't very much, not to mention the $100M pricetag. Brunt said how nice it would be to have a private investor (Irving's name was thrown out) show up, but that the government would have to help. They all expressed disappointment over Halifax pulling out of the commonwealth games. I wish I could have had the chance to ask about the money earmarked for the games, and what it could now be spent on ... but at least there's obviously some serious interest in Halifax for building a stadium. Of course, that doesn't mean it will happen :?

well 120M buys you a very nice Stadium, I would think they should talk to Asper and the Bombers about their 120M$ stadium plan and build something like that in Halifax.
Especially with that 25M$ Retail/Office building option.

If all that was built and Run under a same name Organization(Private or public) they should earn money providing the Community supports them to the Tune of 26K+ fans per game.

Depending on Halifax's Convention Center plans building a Stadium with alot of space in the Concorse for Conventions + Room for Meetings is an Idea, also Turning the field surface into a skating rink is a good idea, allowing some concession to stay open all winter(like a Tim Hortons)

100M Doesn't seem like that much in the long run.

If you think, this Stadium will be big enough for Grey cups so right there over 30 years that's 3 Grey cups(if the cup rotates to every city over 10 years) which should mean 40M+ in economic Activity each cup, so 120M+ over the 30 years.

the Government gets alot of money back(around 20M to feds/Prov) from Construction of a 120M Stadium.(Workers wages taxed)

The City/prov/Feds get money back from Taxing the team, 4M in Team Salary + 2-3M atleast in other Salaries(coaches, GM, PR and so on)
That is a creation of 7M atleast in Jobs?
All getting say 20% taken by Taxes?
the Gov gets 1.4M Yearly(14M in 10 years) from that, then taxing Tickets.

Ability to hold large concerts(ala Rolling Stones)

Stadium would pay for itself when combining all the Taxes gathered from Economic Activity/Jobs.

Yes, although I don't know if I'd go so far as to saying the stadium would pay for itself, there are definitely economic benefits - the biggest of which would likely be hosting a Grey Cup (but does that really generate $40M?) - to building a stadium.

Sometimes I wonder if they even consider these, when they balk at the price.

That stadium in Sacramento was the brutal. It made Ivor Wynne look like a state of the art facility. I too heard about the port a potties. Hard to treat the team like "the big leagues" when stuff like that is going on. Also in San Antonio, they did draw close to 25,000 for a playoff game just a few seasons b4 the powerhouse Doug Flutie led Argos were drawing 18-20,000 fans for playoff games in Toronto.

Frankly, attendances in the States weren’t all that bad, especially compared to some (if not most) of the attendances up in Canada. Baltimore led the league in attendance both years, I believe, and until college season started, attendance was pretty good in most of the other cities. Birmingham’s first three crowds, for example, were 31k, 25k, and 31k. Shreveport had a crowd of 32k in '94. I’d say the only place where it really bombed was in Las Vegas.

I think it could have worked … but let’s not get into that here …

It's hard to understand how anyone could have thought a CFL team would work in Las Vegas. Playing football outside in July and August in the middle of the desert in Nevada. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the problem.
As for that Halifax News editorial, the writer is behind the times in his assessment of the financial health of the CFL. The CFL is healthy and the Halifax economy is pretty strong. Given the long football history in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley, things would likely work out fine. The only problem that I could foresee would be if the team turned into the Arizona Cardinals of the CFL, but the same thing would happen in most other markets too.

The story for Las Vegas if some of you don't know, is how Bob McCown of Toronto 590 was one of the partners and he lost the bid to former Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Nick Milletti.
Bob always says his group had a well developed plan and would have succeeded where Milletti failed big time.
I believe the Vegas franchise regardless of the owner was a "dog with flees".

Hey it was great I went to a game there and you could hardly wait for the fire truck to spray water on you. But it was great you just have to make sure you have lots of drinking water (no beer) and you get a climatized. But yes I guess if you went week after week the weather would get to you.

How are the players suppose to play a high-level game in conditions where the fans needed to be concerned about getting dehydrated. At least when it's cold, players can dress for it. Unless someone invents equipment with built in air conditioning, you won't ever see good football played in conditions like that.