Last nights game in Ottawa saw overtime. Montreal’s first possession in OT was clearly offside but no call. A lot of early motion is offside in other games too but no call. Have they changed the rule? Can you send an email to the refs? Anybody as annoyed by this as me?

I’m annoyed by all the penities and bad calls peroid!!! There is too much and too little!

The Winnipeg game this week sounded like an epision of “Law and Order” thur most of the game cuz there was so many penities!!!

Yeah I have been a season ticket holder of the riders for many years, and game after game the referees miss offside calls when the receivers are in motion. I don’t get how they can miss this call all you have to do is watch the line of scrimmage and see if they go across it before the ball is snapped…

I know its strange, but I understand the rule is that the receiver can enter the 1 yard zone.

Sounds like a question for ask a ref.