Is there any way of knowing who the refs are, as in the NHL, NBA and NFL. Perhaps the embarassment of people recognizing their incompetence will encourage them to be less incompetent. FOr example, who is#35 I believe, the one who threw the phantom hit out of bounds call? Or #51, who threw several no yeards calls, and on one occassion, saw an Argo level Brock Ralph 10 yards down field while running a crossing pattern, right in front of him, with no call. THe CFL officials need be be made public and subject to scrutiny for the integrety of the league, and not some secret sinister and unaccountable group who can dictate the course of games while being only answerable to George Black. Hell, put names on their sweaters, whateve it takes, but they have to share the blame in the continuing demise of the CFL game.

As usual...they were awful.

Love the name on the shirt idea.

Yet ANOTHER example of how HORRIBLE the refs are in this League ...

That Unnecessary Roughness call on the hit against Bishop was COMLPETE @#$@#!! BS !! I mean, this is Fr-Eakin FOOTBALL !!! I PAY GOOD MONEY to watch these guys HIT EACH OTHER !!!!! ... Not only was Bishop still in bounds, the guy was GESTURING as though he was CALLING for a blocker ... what in the name of Ben Zambiasi is the defender supposed to do !!!???

A COMPLETE JOKE ... the CFL is getting HARDER to Stomach as each game passes with these CLOWNS calling the games the way they do.


Meanstreak, if there is anyone madder than me on that giveaway to the Argo’s its only got to be you or Armour himself…

I really lookfoerward to George Black coming up front, plump and plain, and explaining that misscall, if, in fact, he has the gonads to do so…

Would likewise like to havehim explain the lack of calls on the late hits on our QB’s after the ball left their hands…everyone else gets a call. but not us…

Seems the ref’s need a video review call on their own…

Lifter, you wouldn't EVEN BELIEVE how ENRAGED I was with that @#$! Call !!!

If I wasn't with my four year old daughter at the time ... I may very well have LEFT MY SEAT to use Jake Ireland as a TACKLING DUMMY ... REPEATEDLY until he fell UNCONSCIOUS ... I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!


P.S - While on the topic of my four year old ... it is a good thing she was MORE Interested in her face paint, watching the Cheerleaders, and watching the Mascots than the ACTUAL Football game ... cuz' if she wasn't - I am sure she would have been TURNED OFF this team, and this game ... for a long time to come.

Chang gets absolutely flattened WELL after he releases the ball on the Parker interception - No call.

Then the Cats get flagged for a perfectly legitimate hit on Bishop carrying the ball and trying to obtain a first down.

Once again, no consistency, no balance of judgement and, as always - against the Cats.

What’s happening out there?

I completely agree with anything that adds accountability to the refereeing in this league.