Reffing tonight

......Here we go again....If that was pass interference by Jovon Johnson on Armstrong, then my grandmother played quarterback for the Bud Grant Bombers....Just a horrible bloody call that kept a drive alive that should have been dead...Jovon didn't come anywhere near touching the guy never mind a pass interference....If we continue to get this type of reffing next year then there is going to be a lot of empty seats at CanadInns ...There has to be a review of these guys in the off-season...Blatant incompetence by the striped guys is getting intolerable.. :thdn: It was not the reason for the loss ...but c'mon...that call on Jovon was a load of b.s. :thdn: :x

Hey, we got our third apology from the league tonight for another screw up. That's why Lapo and Reed were hopping all over the field at the end, they officials forgot to reset the play clock for 3rd down.

I bet that makes us even now for all the times the Bombers had to apologize for Kelly last year :wink:

I'm still trying to figure out why Willis was flagged for that tackle on Zabransky. I've defended the officials plenty of times but that Willis hit and the phantom PI on Jovon have me shaking my head.

I didn't see the Willis hit, what happened?

Zabransky took off, was well across the line of scrimmage, didn’t telegraph he was going down - just dropped - and Willis tackled him before Zabransky was even close to hitting the turf. Willis didn’t hit Zabransky in the head though - he hit him at shoulder height and since Zabransky was dropping Willis’ arms came up, Zabransky’s helmet came off and Willis was given an unneccessary roughness penalty.

That hit by Willis on Z was no worse off than that brutal horse collar bulldog move that the Argo player broke Brinks collar bone with.


Reputation had a lot to do with that call I think.

Willis has built up this season a reputation for taking dumb penalties and particularly roughing penalties. . . live by the sword, die by the sword. On a borderline call, he's just not going to get a break. Pity, I do think he's an excellent DE. . .

Now that call on JJ for interference. . . man was that a bad call.

It has become more like Live by the sword, die by the bazooka. Invisible penalties. We all have PVR's with frame freeze so it's hard to fool all of us.

The Bombers got another apology from the league for a screw-up during last night’s game:

Frustrated Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans, angry over what appeared to be a mismanagement of the clock by the club’s coaching staff in the dying moments of Saturday’s loss to the Edmonton Eskimos, should direct their venom elsewhere.

CFL director of officiating, Tom Higgins, told The Free Press Sunday that head coach Paul LaPolice & Co. did everything right as the team marched for the game-tying field goal in the final minute and were incorrectly flagged for a time-count penalty by the officiating crew.

To recap:

With the Bombers trailing 10-7 quarterback Joey Elliott had driven the club to the Eskimo 23-yard line with 55 seconds left. On a second-and-five play he was sacked for an eight-yard loss, pushing the ball back to the Eskimo 31.

On instructions from the coaching staff, Elliott was told to stay on the field and wait for 19 seconds to tick off the clock before calling a time out. At that point Justin Palardy and the field-goal crew would trot out for the potential game-tying three.

Instead, the 20-second play clock counted down but not the time clock — the two should have been running simultaneously — and the Bombers, watching the time clock, were nailed for a time-count penalty.

It pushed the club back another 10 yards and forced Palardy to connect on a 48 yarder instead of a 38-yard attempt.

Sunday morning CFL Director of Officiating Tom Higgins spoke to LaPolice. Here’s what Higgins told The Free Press:

"Paul and his staff did everything right. What occurred was an official error that occurred on the field. The delay-of-game penalty never should have happened. The quarterback was waiting for the time clock to go and the time clock wasn’t going and when the 20-second clock expired the referee called a delay of game.

“Thankfully, it didn’t cost them anything because they kicked a field goal and there was a roughing-the-kicker penalty that moved the football closer and they kicked a field goal again with no time left. It’s nice how that worked out.”

I’m not going to completely blame the ref but the league needs to have a good talking to with the off-field officials in Edmonton.