reffing question

I'm not blaming the refs for anything, they reffed a very good game in Montreal. My question is the Fred Perry roughing the kicker incident, granted he never should have turned around and hit Duval after he kicked the ball but does anyone know when it is alright to block the punter during a punt return? Does the punter have to be in the play?

I would thing that the punter would have to be in play.
I also think that that could easily been call an unnecessary roughness penalty for 15 yards.

It was a stupid, stupid play.....

maybe I'll ask the ref. If it was called against Montreal I'd be asking the same question. I'm just curious.

I'd agree with ro1313 - thinking the punter would have to be in play, but when is that determined? Once the ball is caught?

I would say they punter would have to be running downfield not standing there doing nothing.

what about on an interception, are you allowed to block (hit) the qb or does he have to be in the play?

I would say that for every circumstance the blocked player has to be in play.
Lets be honest if that were not the case a blocker could nail someone 40 yards from the play and risk injury to that player would would not be expecting the block

That actually happened in an NFL game where Ray Lewis knocked out a Green Bay offensive lineman who was 50 yards away from the play that was ending and was running back to the sidelines. There was no penalty called.

it was a stupid play either way he should have showed some controll.
this is the biggest game of the year and your going to take a cheapshot on the kicker. you could tell the team was tired in the first half.the team should have paid up and had the team in mon 2 days before the game. no excuses we are going to have to make some changes next year. what changes do you think we should make? i say oc,qb,and a wr.

I remember reading that you can hit the kicker only after he puts his leg back on the ground or he has to leave the row he was in the play started. He can take a couple of steps for the kick but if he starts to run he becomes a legal target. A point of iterest kickers try to keep their legs up as long as possible in the hopes that someone touches them and draws a big penalty

Yeah, but if that was the case, then that penalty on Perry shouldn't have been called - Duval's leg was down, if I recall correctly. I thought it was a penalty when it happened.....just wondering how they determine he is "in" or "out" of the play if his leg is already down.....

Its possible that if he is still in that safe zone then he cant be hit no matter what but I do remember guys keeping their legs up to draw penalties

I've seen that too.....wasn't disagreeing with you on that at all.....

If I heard the announcers on the 'Riders station correctly, the kicker can't be blocked or hit until he crosses the line of scrimmage. They just mentioned it in passing, so I might have misunderstood what they were saying, but it sort of makes sense. At least then you have a definite point of reference for when you can hit him.

Yeah.....that does make sense.....

like I said before, He was lucky he was not called for unnecessary roughness.. It was not a block he just flattened Duval for the fun of it

I have never seen anything like that before...................what the heck was he thinking?????.......................I wasn't sure what the rule was either but I would have guess I was going to get a flag............what a boneheaded play

I've seen it before, and it was on Duval as well. In One of the Mtl vs Tor games, I thik it was the last one, Duval missed 2 or 3 field goals. On two occasions (that I saw) Mr. Cheap Shot himself Mike O'Shea went straight for Duval, I mean straight for him. pankaked him and then proceded to keep pushing him down, one time it looked like he was choking him as he was holding him to the ground. Oh and there were no flags. So I really do not know when the kicker becomes legal to hit.

Then i guess the hit on Calgarys Kicker should have been Roughing the kicker as well in tonights far as i could tell he did not cross the line