Reffing Question

First off let me say that I'm a touch football referee for my university's intramural league. The majority of the rules are loosely based on the CFL rules.

That said, my scenario involves the rouge play...

In my game today, with the score tied 6-6, team A kicked the ball into the endzone of team B with no time left on the clock... Team B then kicked the ball back out of the endzone... Team A recovered the ball and attempted to kick the ball back into the endzone, but, the kick was shanked (the ball didn't make it into the endzone, and it stayed in bounds)... Just after the player from Team A got off the last kick, he was clobbered... Not knowing the rules completely, I blew my whistle and ended the game. 6-6 tie.

And now my questions...

Is the player from Team A who got clobbered considered a kicker? If so, do contacting the kicker rules apply? Should I have ended the game as I did, or should another play have occured? If so, who's ball?

I'd appreciate anyone's feedback.


excellent question.

I am not so sure about open field kicking and contact. BUT , I think that roughing should have been called on team B.Since you can't end the game on a pen. Team A should have been awarded the ball at the point of the infraction and recieved 15 yards.

Just for the yards also applies......and ALL players BEHIND THE KICKER are considered on side.

This may be a stupid question, but wouldn’t you always call a penalty when someone get’s “clobbered” in a touch football league?
Anyways, on topic, contacting and roughing the kicker calls don’t apply to open field kicks, only kicks from scrimmage (typical punts and field goals). So assuming there wasn’t anything overtly rough about the hit (Which in my mind any hit in touch football is overtly rough), you made the right call.

Right again Als
Contacting does not apply to quick and open field kicks.

However if I understand you, you blew the whistle too early.
Was the ball on the last kick recovered by anyone? You only stated that it did no go into the endzone. If not you prevented an onside player from team A from recovering the ball and taking it into the endzone, or a player from team B from running it back for a TD

First off let me thank you guys for your replies... The more I read the more it sounds like I was close to doing the right thing.

To answer a few of your questions:

Als - Rough play as well as contacting another player are considered illegal in touch football. Penalty depends on severity obviously... In our league that's 15 or 25 yards.

Ro - The ball was recovered by Team B and then they were touched ending the play (forgot to mention that part). With regards to the onside defenders, there are no fumbles or onsides in touch so the recieving team is the only one who can recover the ball.

My conclusion to the play was that Team B would get the ball after recovering the 3rd kick. Team Bwould then be penalized half the distance to the goal line (25 yard penalty, from the 8yd line). However, they wouldn't get another play as they would have been considered offense at the time of the penalty and the game/half can end on an offensive penalty.

Does that sound right???

Thanks again,

It sounds right and you did the right thing. You could not give another play to team B because of the penalty. That would be rewarding the fact that they smacked the team A player. They can't provoke a penalty to get a free play.

But if team b roughed team A would that not be an atuomatic first down for team A giving them another shot at a single?
Then again there is no roughing on an open field kick

I'm getting confused.....:frowning: