Reffing needs to adjust

19 penalties in Thursday’s game and 25 in yesterday’s game. And those are just the one’s excepted. In my opinion, half of those were very questionable. Come on refs, let em play. The games are almost unwatchable right now. The head ref’s faces are more recognizable to me than the players and that is just not right.

Which ones should they have let go? All the offsides and procedures? You want chaos at the line of scrimmage then? Just some of them? Which ones? All the rough play and cheap crap that was going on? Want a brawl and not a football game then? All of the illegal blocks on kick returns? You want open season for dangerous hits on the ST then? You want injuries to go up?

Perhaps the players should commit less fouls.


Yah fully agree. It's not the ref's faults the players have been very undisciplined in half the games played so far.

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Besides the usual in game penalties, which all seemed reasonable to me; the after play and unsportman like calls were well earned. Calgary was guilty in their own right but that Alouette team really need to look at themselves as men, especially Mr Washington


Keep calling them. Montreal's total lack of discipline last night was unforgivably bad but really, it lost them the game. If that's how you want to loose that's fine but it made for a loooong game.

Now the night before - Elks and BC THREE calls overturned? That is unacceptable. Really really unacceptable. Take away that guys doughnuts...

Al Bradbury's crew seems to call a lot of penalties. That guys face is on the screen every 3 minutes.

We're basically in week 1 of a normal season, penalties are going to be high just because there was no preseason for some of these guys to get the kinks out. I've actually felt the officiating has been decent. There's some room to grow on the speed of some of the calls, but there hasn't been too many egregious errors missed so far.

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I'm an Als fan and I agree ... lack of discipline, in-play and after, deserves punishment

I'm a big critic of the officials but so far this year with a very few ridiculous calls like the objectionable conduct against Banks most of the penalties and calls have been good.