Reffing in Mont. game

,,,,,Because it was so atrocious, I believe it deserves a thread of it's own....What the hell was that from that lousey crew...They shouldn't have been paid for that b.s.....How can you miss a BLATANT helmet to helmet hit to the head like that....If i see these guys reffing in Wpg, again it;ll be too soon....Utter incompetency.....Right from the start they missed an obvious Mont. off-side...AND to be fair they also missed a 'few' calls on the Bombers as well but not as obvious as the hit on Brink....This is NOT the reason why the Bombers lost but it sure as hell didn't help....I hope the video is sent to league office on this one...I know one thing IF that were a hit like that on Calvillo, the Bombers would have been heavily penalized AND fined....Makes you wonder about the 'so-called' level playing field in this league....I have to give credit to Brink for even getting up after that one...So much for protecting the qb....Oh I forgot...that's only on other clubs....That officiating was just plain crap... :thdn: :thdn:

Can't argue the reffing, it was just plain bad most of the night. Not just the Davis hit, which obviously should have been a penalty, but also little things like spotting the ball correctly and calling marginal holding calls on kick returns. Not the zebras' best effort.

This is just getting tired with the Murray Clark crew in Winnipeg. Come mid season, he'll be demoted again, for the 4th year in a row, back to another crew. At some point, you have to realize that a guy just isn't head official material.

Sorry Murray, but it's the truth.

dont like complaining about the reffing but the missed head shot and spotting off the balls a yard or 2 ahead of where it should have been was embarassing. The league needs to fix this problem, Murray Clarke should never be allowed to ref a winnipeg game ever again...

last week hall gets a roughing the passer call, it wasnt as obvious as the helmet to helmet. does make you wonder about certain things for sure, perhaps that get toronto or hamilton to the 100th grey cup theory is perhaps true.

Oh stop. I saw at least five blatant pass interference by the Bombers, that were not called, Jovon was wrapped All over Richardson, Bowman left his feet and hit a standing Bowling with a helmet to helmet shot. Yes they missed stuff but it wasn't selective to the Bombers.

...C'mon hfxtc ...drop the cover-up routine....That was a QUARTERBACK that took that head shot...Cripes if that were Calvillo you'd be running around lighting your hair on fire.....There are special rules initiated to protect the qb. from this kind of b.s. BUT this particular ref. has decided not to take issue with it....If it were up to me that incompetent dolt would have been demoted after the game, then have his officiating position under review...This is not professional reffing....Missed stuff :lol: :lol: that has to be the understatement of the bloody year :lol:

Yes the HS to Brink was the worst missed call but there were plenty on both sides. Saw a pile of holding, interference, was even a punch thrown by a bomber that wasn't called. To say that Murray is targeting the Bombers is not correct

If injuries were not enough of an issue for the bombers there may have been missed calls both ways but the Bombers had critical missed calls go against them. Brinfk getting up after that and continueing in the game and able to put some points on the board in the 4th is a credit to him. he could have withered and whined and quit but in spite of everything he hung in there and played the entire game all 4 qtrs. I would love to see the bombes d Backfield in place and demond washington back to concentrating on returning k/p. The receivers are all back and healthy and simpson is hitting his stride and the new guy looks like an excellent receiver for 2nd and plus ten situations.

brink has also been able to find running lanes on 2nd and long situations and takes off without hesitation for first downs. 6 of 8 times over the past two games i beleive is the stat.

Think its funny that someone can argue that pass interference is the same as a head shot to the qb, i mean, seriously.

It's one thing to let PI go, all teams get away with it really ,same with holding, if you really wanna get down to it, every pass thrown by a qb in the vicinity of a receiver could be flagged as pass interference, every olineman can be callled for holding every play.. i mean there are just some calls that i can live with.. pass interference, holding, whatever... it's not the same as head shotting a qb, you can bet your butt, bet on it that if that was ray,calvillo,burris or even lulay probably (they all have the respect of the league it seems), that would have been called on davis. Bet on it, like i said last week hall brushed jyles helmet, just brushed it, didnt lead with his head even, he got flagged, davis clearly lead with his head, to me and id say most everyone who watches football, a head shot to the qb is unacceptable and needs to be called every time.

check out the picture one of the fans snapped.. how can anyone aruge that.

where is murray clarke looking? HOW DOES HE MISS THAT?

people can talk about these guys not getting paid lots or these guys not being full time, well, that's irrelevant really. This guy needs to be held accountable, its not the first time murray clarke has come in to question in regards to winnipeg vs montreal either. Something needs to be done about his incompetance.