Referree Quality

As a fan of the CFL since 1962, if ever there was an example of poor quality of referee work, it was in the Lions/Roughies game in overtime.

It seems the Eddie Davis school of "clutching and grabbing" has taken hold with apparent success! How else do you explain the "lack of interference call" on the db pulling the jersey and arm of Geroy in overtime?

Tom Higgins needs to address this level of staff he sends out to do these games and spend some money on training "quality".

Mr Cohon, you need to make this a priority as for the fans you are gaining, this part of the game is terrible and needs to be addressed! For the early part of the season, it was all flags, all the time. Then, someone brought this to attention and it was eased off, but where is the balance? Better personnel is the real answer! Please buck up, your league needs it!

yeah they need to pay them more per game. and they need to have more training and tougher demands.