Is it may imagination or is the Proulx crew the worst in the CFL? Watching the Rider/BC game was painful not only because of botched and missed calls for both teams but can anyone understand his on screen description of the penalty call? I always dread games when I see this crew on the field.

I have no problem understanding his description of the penalties being called, and find that in a bilingual country, no one should be called to task for calling a game with a French accent, as so many fans like to give him grief for (check other fan sites, if you're not sure what I mean). I used to like Proulx and his crew, but I now find them to be horrid as far as consistency is concerned, and not just when they call Rider games.

Proulx gets alot of the grief, because he has to announce the penalties. But those calls he was responsible for - roughing the passer, etc., were basically right.

I think the balance of his crew is far worse than him personally.

You are right jm02 I shouldn't be hard on him because of his accent. My bad.