Well Thank God we won the Banjo Bowl because it sure seemed like the refs were working against us. Two challenges in our favour and then an obvious TD called incomplete! On the many replays they showed he took three steps in the end zone after catching the ball and stepping out of bounds. We have something truly magical going on this year with a great team. I would sure hate to see it disrupted by poor refereeing. I understand that it is a tough job and I have a lot of respect for the profession. However, that catch wasn't even a close call by anyone's standards but the ref who was right there!

Problem is he bobbled the ball when he first caught it. If he catches the ball clean then its a touchdown for sure. It is impossible for the ref to watch the catch then watch the feet especially when the receiver is bobbling the ball. Can't blame the ref for this one, and the Riders didn't complain, they just found a way to overcome it. I thought the officiating was pretty good, considering it was Andre Proulx's crew.

In all honesty, at full speed it was impossible to fault the ref's decision either way. In slow motion it is easy to see but at high speed a call of complete or incomplete was acceptable in my eyes.

^^ it was not the ref's fault. You are right. At full speed, very hard to tell.

That was a problem with the CFL rulebook in regards to challenges.

Its hard to blame the refs, we've had a couple of calls go our way early in the year. I think everything has a way of balancing out.