Once again the CFL is filled with referees making a great game into a joke. This weekend is sadly indicative of the league.......good players, GREAT fans and pitiful referees. Just watching the second half of the Rider/Weinerpeg game and witnessed another bad interference call this time on Flick. Even the announcers were commenting on how they have to let the players play.
This is the third game I have watched this weekend and, again, sadly indicative.

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The referees have proven time and time again that they are incompetent!

they can't even make the right calls when they're needed.

they screw up when it's wrong and they screw up when it's right!

Thats see have we heard this before.

And now the "simultaneous contact" call on the short kick. I could see an official on the field making that call but on video review. Having been a far too busy weekend I can't remember which game it was but how about the call where the receiver catches the ball, takes THREE steps with full control of the ball, hits the turf and then drops the ball and it's called incomplete! Fumble maybe. Incomplete, DUH!!!!
I love this league but god it's hard to watch this crap!

Yeah the simultaneous touch play was alot of b/s

The Banjo Bowl had alot of terrible calls, the result wouldnt have been different in the end but maybe the score a little bit closer

What would you call it?

I thought it hit off kornegays helmet last

I thought Stegall knocked it out.

Didnt matter, game was long over.

Hopefully Dominguez is ok for you guys. Not
sure I'd of had him in there at that point.

funniest part is the ref's can't even make the right calls upon reviewing plays.

Yeah i realize the game was long over and dont think the riders would have came back even if they would have got the onside kick back, but simultaneous touch seems like kind of a cop out to me.

But yes lets hope Matt D is okay the guy is a work horse and i thought he made Bolden look kinda average today.

He made Bolden look silly at least three times.

Welcome back, superstar!

Well the problem is they called it correctly Milts hand and the ball made contact at the same time it hit the helmet of the roughrider player. The only way to please everyone here was that call. If it had gone to Winnipeg then you guys would have been all over it anyway. This was a no win situation for the refs and the game is over.
Let me say this they do need to get better refs.

...we can tell by your 'weiner' comment who your a fan of.....obviously not the Bombers....but heh....i remember a few calls in the Labour Day game that went for the Riders....a definite interference call on Armstrong....but you didn't hear any whining from Bomber fans....what goes around comes around ,like the ol saying .... :roll:

Dad the curse is over! Thanks bombers for helping the Stamps today. You know I do not mind people complaining about refs but the elast you can do is congratulate the bombers on their win. :lol:

:lol: Congrats BigBlue.....

There is noway that the onside kick call could have been overturned as a "simaltaneous touch"... ever heard of conclusive video evidence needed to overturn a call on the field?!??!

Jake Ireland is a joke, he should have retired from officiating 20 years ago.

Im also not so sure that the refs know what the term "uncatchable ball" means... when Robinson was called for doing what happens on every play of every game, the ball was overthrown by atleast 10 yards... and dont even get me started on the 42 yard play wiped out by the Flick offensive pass interference call...

Like most Rider fans, im not saying that the officiating cost us the game.. the Bombers played an unreal game and would have won anyway... all im saying is that the officials need to be disciplined for games like this.

On that note, does the CFL have any measures to discipline refs (fines/suspensions) for ridiculous calls like these? I know that other leagues do have this accountability in place, just wondering if the CFL does too... if not, this problem (which happens every week to one team or another)will get worse before it gets better.

Is that you mikeboy? :lol: :lol: Milts hand and the helmet of the rider touched the ball at the same time so how would you call it. That was what it showed on the video. :lol:
Ro we need another video and snap shot just do not show mikeboy he will not believe it and TV resolution is no good.