Don't you think its time the CFL finally did something about the horrible quality of refereeing. Even replays have not helped. I saw several cases this year where the play was called right on the filed and then reversed after watching the video-- to the wrong call. I'm tired of the 12 man conferences after every flag so that a call can be made. Canadian football is a great game, but too many games are being decided by incompetent refereeing and its time something was done about it.

Low pay, what do you expect?

Or maybe u could become a zebra yourself sicard, then see how you do... :roll:

Exactly, it's not the easiest job in the world... and they are human!

...sorta like Mods????


Mods are human!?!?

Compared to the refereeing I've seen in hockey this year, CFL refs are doing a great job.

I don't have too many issues with the CFL refs. Yeah the odd time things get screwed up. I don't see much better at my Grandson's games, and the officials working junior are older than I am!

You will never get perfection in this job. It is impossible. You can give them tools to do their job much better. But they will still make mistakes in the eyes of the respective teams fans.

Actually R&W I'm surprised to see a Referee bashing post so early. Usually they only come up after Winnepeg or Saskatchewan losses!

(With pardons to jm02, roughyfan, papa, and piggy)

CFL fans complain about the referees. NHL fans complain about the referees. NFL fans complain about the referees. NBA fans complain about the referees.
Mom and Dad complain about the referee at their kids game.

Do you see a pattern developing? I think most of the folks in this thread have the right idea. Most of the time the calls are good, but once in awhile, human judgement being what it is, calls are going to get blown.

re-New Senior Advisor, Officiating Development and Football Operations------- Jim Daley

:thup: good to see him land on his feet, and a good post to improve the onfield product, imho-THE officiating should not detract from the exitement of the game!

It never ceases to amaze me when somebody starts a stupid thread and never responds to it...

Did you really expect him to respond when his 3rd post is complaining?

Not really lol