Referees do a great job in Grey Cup

Before some on the usual suspect complain about the officiating, I just want to say that the ref did a great job tonight.




I don't remember any calls they got wrong. Great job.

:thup: :thup:

Well, maybe a couple of obvious missed pass interference calls, but other than that, good job.

And a good job by the players for playing within the rules for the most part. Made the officials' job a lot easier.

^^ Yeah. It wasn't a perfectly called game, but the zebras didn't impact the outcome, and that's the most important thing.

The PI call on Kanneh that had to be challenged was an obvious blown call - - but in reality that was about as good as can be expected from Al Fatbury.

There is a long off season to discuss not just the Grey Cup but the entire seasons officiating.

Time now to let the Eskimos and their fans celebrate and focus on the game itself.

Comments like that aren't necessary .

Especially since Bradbury was 40 yards away watching to make sure there was no roughing the passer. Never fails to amaze me how people always blame the referee for calls that are not his to make

That call was the field judge or back judge's responsibilty

I also liked the speed at which the video replays were called, i.e., very fast so that the delays were minimal. I hope that sets a precedent to be followed in the future.

Good job all around by the officials in the 103rd Grey Cup, Well Done!!!

I'm just thankful he didn't screw up and forget what down it was like he did in the regular season.

And I've seen refs call penalties against teams that were not even playing.....
Forgetting the down is no big deal
Blaming the wrong ref is.