Referees did it again...

The so called "roughing the passer" Which was no penalty... gave the Esks the win.

This is a joke. saw the replay and I cannot believe that they called that Roughing the Passer..

whatever... :thdn:

I totally agree. It looked to me like he did everything he possibly could to stop himself from hitting Ray and may have just grazed him. Horrible call.

It's hard to say if it gave Edmonton the game or not, but it sure did help them out. More importantly than moving the ball half the distance to the goal, it stopped the clock, which would have started running without a penalty. Horrible call with the game on the line.

here we go

I'm a Calgary fan and i don't blame this game at ALL on bad calls.

If the stamps offence would have shown up in the first half the score would not have been close.

THe quality of officiating is coming along. Maybe not the quality we are hoping for, but it is better than earlier in the season!

oh and Burris's time out penalty which made it 3rd down.. WAKE UP HENRY!

CALGARY lost because they couldn't take avantage of a critcal , roughing the kicker pen. , against EDMONTON that would have let them run out the clock and win the game.

Then the CALGARY defence couldn't stop EDMONTON who completed a 90 yard drive with under 2 minutes to go in the game and EDMONTON then scored the winning T.D.

CALGARY had this game won , but just blew it. The REFS had very little to do with that.

Another reason why CALGARY lost.

.......yup, if you can't stop a 87 yard drive with 2 minutes to go then you don't deserve the win.....

I actually think that EDMONTON were very lucky to even win this game.

EDMONTON , gave up 4 points on 2 safties.

The game went from being 16 to 0 to 16 to 9 in about 7 seconds , after EDMONTON kicked off and CALGARY ran it back for a T.D. after 1 of the safties.

I will admit EDMONTON got abit lucky this game.

But the CFL badly needed a close great game and we got won. :thup:

47,000+ happy football fans is a good thing for the league.

We all know that CALGARY look really good this year and should catch B.C. for first. :thup:

I agree good team win even with the ref's calls tonight we lost because of the first half ineptnous of the offense. The Stamps turned the ball over as well so the refs calls mean nothing! Eicky Ray carried his team tonight!
Also on the the stamps driving down the field and blew it by trying to go deep instead of eating up the clock with short passes or runnig plays . So there were many reasons but the refs had no hand in this loss. Big deal Bombers will get punished next. And with the Calgary will be helping out the eskies one more time.

it's the refs call, don't like it? become a ref yourself then.

The league does act when a ref screws up. Remember there was a Montreal game very early this season and it was the worst. I can't really recall with certainty who they were playing, but I think it may have been Winnipeg. The ref was bloody awful.

I notice that he hasn't officiated a game since. They did get rid of him, and for good reason.

Actually I have seen the guy since. A couple of times

Really? I've been looking for him and I haven't seen him. Is he still head ref or was he demoted to linesman or something like that?

When I saw him he was announcing the penalties so I assume he is still head ref

Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for him.

Someone a little bitter about the loss? Looks like ur Riders blew it again this afternoon.

The eskies win one games and they all come running back!

I never went anywhere. Nice airplane picture. LOL!