Referees Destroying the CFL?

I was just watching the beginning of the Argos/Ticats game last week
I like to see what the guys we're (Alouettes) playing this week have been doing lately.

On the first Ticat drive, Shell was given a major foul, when the guy he fouled was not only doing AS much as him, but seemed to be the instigator (a frequent occurrence in the cfl....retaliation being exclusively punished and instigation never)
On the next play a pass interference call in the endzone on what was clearly a non-call.

The Ticats scored a major to start the game without having to run one successful play.
The TSN announcers said, "a bit of a gift...that drive....from the Toronto Argonauts"

But the gift came from the officials.

Now I watch EVERY CFL game...and I love ALMOST everything about it.
But games are increasingly being decided on BAD calls....sometimes even in review.
It's painful when it involves teams I'm not attached to.
But it's bloody MURDER when it's against my Alouettes.

So what's with the officiating in the CFL?
Do we need to pay these people better to get better quality talent?
Is there some kind of conspiracy to influence the outcome of games?

I'm a CFL fan and I'm disgusted.
I can only imagine how someone who's giving the game a first look might react

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I've been watching the CFL for years and this is the year I noticed a change as far as Penalty flags being thrown. The game has gotten quicker; so are the Reffs out of position? They don't appear to be. Some calls are lame, other calls are O.K. and some other plays that should be called are missed; or are they? Senior Ah Me wrote: Is there some kind of conspiracy to influence the outcome of games? Makes me wonder as I am dissapointed to say the least also.

You know, I notice that very few people will compliment a ref on a good call. Like Tom Higgins said, the refs are a team as well, and they're all human, and as such, they all have bad games, too. No team has gone unbeaten this year, them included. I think one of the reasons we get more mad at the refs is because we expect them to play perfectly, but some calls are just really hard to make sometimes. The refs -do- make errors at times, some more questionable than others, but comparing them to the teams, the same can be said for a bad interception, or a major foul costing the team a field goal or something.

I'm sure that 9/10, the refs are making the right calls. Why aren't those 9 calls being given credit to? Being a ref's a hard job. Of course they'll miss some, but to think they're DESTROYING the game because they aren't perfect? And worse, to think there's a -conspiracy-? That's ridiculous.

And I don't mean either of you to feel like I'm attacking you or anything, I just see a lot of badmouthing to the refs, and I think I just had to speak my mind this time. ;p

We have seen officiating scandals in UEFA and World Cup Soccer, and also in NCAA and NBA basketball in recent years. These have been largely linked to organized crime betting rings extorting the officials in order to control point spreads, which are then taken advantage of in betting.

I don't think that the CFL generates enough international interest to generate the kinds of profit off of betting that would be necessary to justify the trouble. Quite simply, it would be bad business. And the people involved in the aforementioned scandals are not bad businessmen. Crooks? Sure. But not bad businessmen.

On a different tack, IF the CFL were manipulating game outcomes, it would stand to reason that they would be doing so to further their own interests. They would want to boost viewership and TV ratings. They would want to put additional butts in seats. That means they would be creating exciting, close games. That means that they would be "equalizing" the "have not" or "bad" teams to give them a shot at beating "have" or "good" teams. Looking at the disparity of records (Stamps at 9-1, Esks 2-7, Lions 2-8, etc...), it would seem evident that the "bad" teams are, indeed, doing badly. I have watched every game this year, and have seen many, many bad calls. But they do go both ways. I do not believe that the officials have changed the outcome of any game this year.

Furthermore, if the CFL were manipulating outcomes, and word got out, it would kill the league. Literally. It would be done. The risk is far too great. If the league were going to take such a risk, results would have to be much more dramatic than what has been shown.

Looking at the issue as a whole, I don't think its possible to conclude that the CFL or its officials are "fixing" games, or manipulating the outcomes in any way.

That being said, I do agree that CFL officiating is inconsistent, especially when it comes to making judgement calls, from game to game, and from crew to crew. Some will argue that this is human nature, and it is. But human beings are also capable of improving, and I do not believe that the CFL is seeing any improvement in the level of its officiating. This DOES NOT equate to conspiracy, though.

At the end of the day, I believe that our CFL officials are calling games honestly.
To paraphrase Gandalf, they remain fools, but they are honest fools nonetheless.

hit-em-hard; your post just gave me a better understanding concept on my view/statement I made. I thank you for that.

Good on ya, mate, for giving these friggin' threads some perspective. It stands to reason that 9 out of 10 threads should be about how well the refs did but, alas, 99 out of 100 are something disparaging about them - discouraging, really.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the reffing

It is not destroying the CFL or anything near it.

Anyone who beleives the refs are destroying the CFL is completely ignorant.

Go be a cfl ref yourself, see if you can do any better.

When the CFL gets to be like the NBA, then you can say the officiating is ruining the game...


I will still comment though if blatant calls or non-calls are made but I agree that reffing in general is far better that many people think. Nine out of ten times, replays back up the on field call.

ya I think some people are very uneducated when it comes to refereeing football and just start playing the blame game instead of actually knowing anything.

I have refereed football. 5 years as a matter of fact.

you should try it for a bit before opening your yap with uneducated remarks.

I'm actually agreeing and I'm not even drinking.

Great discussion though I think a few guys on the extremes including the title of this post.

Here was some coverage and discussion of the same exact terribly officiated first half of football along with some video on what turned out to be two bad calls and one that turned out closer than I had thought that could have gone either way:


This whole notion is ridiculous. Refs have a very difficult job, especially in football.
Do they make mistakes? fact sometimes they make total blunders.
But at the end of the day, everybody makes mistakes. Most of the time the refs make less amount of mistakes than either team.

There's also this complete myth that it's only a CFL problem. If you watch sports you know that refereeing is equally questionable in other leagues.

Instead of playing armchair refs all the time, maybe some of you should take the initiative and get into reffing?
Instead we should encourages our refs and continue developping top level refs in Canada.

Agreed the talk about reffing in general being bad is simply not true. It is however difficult to turn the other cheek, so to speak, when your teams gets burned by a bad call.

I am an official (ice hockey and ball hockey) so I speak from experience. The quality of officiating in the CFL is a joke. BC/Tor game we have identical plays with contact on the kicker, one team is flag the other is not. Dixon is ejected from the Montreal/Hamilton game for a slap to the face but Arland Bruce gets only 15 yards for starting the melee and pulling a players hair. The quintessential moment came in last weeks Hamilton/Toronto game as Dave Stala's touchdown celebration of a PAT was not penalized yet an official is standing right besdie them.....with his back to what is going on. So typical of what this season has been like.

I'm a diehard fan who watches every game yet this season I have turned off at least a half dozen games before halftime because the officiating is so haphazard and inconsistant it makes the game frustrating to watch. This is the worst season I have ever seen and if it continues the league will lose fans.

ok since you referee hockey, come and referee Football, please I beg you to try and see if you can make it better.

you honestly have no idea how a group of 7 officials work during a game!

their responsibilities, their jobs, who calls what and there are numerous little things that they have to follow.

maybe you should join up with your local Football Officials Association and see what you think?

think you can be the ultimate Ref? do it!

The Hamilton/Montreal game had the worst refereeing I've ever seen in the CFL. Were they TRYING to keep Hamilton in it? Blatant non calls, bad calls, and the absolute farce in the brawl with how lopsided the penalties were (apparently Montreal throwing punches is a DQ, Hamilton throwing punches is conviently ignored?).

Absolute BS, and totally disgraceful.

reffing hockey doesnt mean squat when judging football refs. Come back when you have actually reffed cfl games.

CFL officials seem to have a problem with "officials procedures". Dave Stala attempts a fake point after as a touchdown celebration and nobody calls a penalty? With an official less than 15 feet from Stala, but looking the other way. :lol: :oops: I don't know whether I should laugh or cry at that. The brawl in Hamilton today, started by Arland Bruce who grabbed an Alouette by the hair and pulled him to the turf. His got 15 yards Dixon got ejected for a face slap after he was first struck in the face. Consistency. Ask any coach or player in any sport what they want to see most in an official and that will be the answer. CFL officials can not be consistent from play to play, how can we expect them to be consistent from official to official game to game. Look at the contacting the kicker call/no call in the Argo/Lions game today or last week in Hamilton when 2 identical plays drew 2 different interpretations on consecutive drives on what is/isn't pass interference.

The quality of officiating in the CFL gets farther and farther behind the level of play in the league. At least half the teams are not compitent enough to be trusted with a professional game and by refusing to acknowledge there is an officiating problem the league looks anything but professional.

your post is absolute BS