Referees blew it again!

Well the Pass Interference that never got called vs Edmonton on that Interception, is a classic CFL referee "oops!"

that's just sad..

wow, and they just missed a contacting the kicker call too!! what the hell is going on here?

How about the contacting the kicker?


Officiating is atrocious tonight... CLASSIC Ireland officiating!!

Looked like a classic contacting the kicker foul to me.
A kicker could easily be hurt on a play like that.
But I’m sure the officials will make up for it by calling back a kick return. :slight_smile:

People people, nothing new here. The CFL zebras have been botching games over and over. They stink plain and simple.

As a fan you can only hope that the next imminent bad call doesn't sting you're team.


When are you guys going to learn to stop blaming the head ref for every bad call?

That being said, the contacting was his call!

Head ref or linesman it doesn't matter they all effect the outcome. I don't care who makes or doesn't make the call.

If its brutal it doesn't matter which one called it.

Im not denying that they are brutal calls, Its just ridiculous that everyone blames Jake or Proulx when they did not make the call!

I wasn't blaming him!

You think its bad in this game wait until the Riders and Lions game is over and the Riders win a close one, then we will hear how bad the refs were and how they gave the Riders their 9th win of the year :roll:

ya the fans who would rather say "B.C. lost it rather than say "the Riders won it!"

I know you werent but others were

The games are all so close this year. One call goes this way or that way and it can change the outcome of the game. It's tough to watch a team lose a game on a blown call from the refs.

Refs definetly blew this one!

CFL Refs! The passion that unites us all!

They actually made it a closer a game for the Riders than anything. The pass interference that gave you your last TD was as much a joke as the Pass interference that gave Calgary a win in BC, BC should also be 7-4.

I was at the game, the only bad call was the Pass interference on BC that made it closer than it should have been.

The dude was clearly pushed into him. How can Suitor be so blind? The call would have been too easy tomake if the officials didn't see the Esk get blocked prior to contact. But the replay was clear.

Things even out, so the call on Banks makes up for the one he got away with earlier in the year against the Bombers.
I believe the Riders would have scored on that drive anyway, penalty or no penalty