Referees at Home Opener

Hamilton is known for having the worst referees when it comes to home games and last night was no exception. There was not only confusion from the Ti-Cats but also the referees. What was the call about not being able to review a play after the referee reviewed the play for over 5 minutes? And the mass confusion towards the end of the forth quarter with the recover that Beveridge made? I think that the CFL needs to seriously take a look at who they choose to referee games.

Yeah they where pretty bad but it there first game to. ( But the spike was b.s call

I thought the refs were fine last night except for the two replay calls. In the explanation for both replays the head ref was referring to something rather technical (I don't know exactly what). So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt for knowing the rules better then the fans. Much like the ref in the infamous Snow Bowl game between New England and Oakland and the infamous "tuck" rule.

p.s. The first fumble, we didn't recover. I could see it clearly from the stands and while it looked like our receiver fell on it, he never got possession. The ball squirted through his legs and Montreal recovered.

....but I would like an explanation about the Beveridge play.

The spike call against Printers was totally legit because he spiked it in the direction of another player. This rule has been around for a couple of years now so he, and the rest of the team, should know it.


:D :D :D

I take it that was revenge versus the infamous "Holy Roller" play! LOL :wink:


This is one rule I don't understand. Why is this show of emotion considered unsportman-like, but the league tolerates the silly choreographed celebrations in the endzone after a touchdown?

I might have to watch the game again on my DVR but didn't the pass to woodcock in the endzone with double coverage look like a PI penalty should have been called?

There was also another play i think in the forth quarter which should have been a fumble on Montreal, not talking about Sandys strip.

The holding call on Peter was complete bs as well..

There was also no call on a clip on Moreno.