referees are a joke already.

Ok that penalty on Boerighter for Interference? HAHAHAHA


I think they're getting a little full of themselves..

yeah offensive pass interference that was brutal-- is there a flag on every play in this game?

well just now, the referee blew his whistle when Lewis had not been touched by anyone!

another quick whistle!

that is the biggest crock!!! not touched but a whistle goes
the refs need to delay and let the play develop unbelievable!!!!! Calgary gets 6 so far instead of 14. INEPT!

yea.. it's consistent too...

This is hard to watch

so its not just me then.

i find almost every CFL game has a flag after EVERY fuckin play these days.

the refs are flag crazy and need to stop that shit..they are ruining games...theres no pace anymore.

how was that gaylor 3x catch not a catch?

these refs suck.

wtf are they doing?

i NEVER complain about the refs, but im getting tired of this crap.

how does higgins win a challenge ( which he shouldnt have won ), then the refs add on new penalties?

my god!

I gotta wonder about that Calgary challenge. I thought it was a catch.

we should merge this thread with the other anti-ref thread

Its a great game, but after every big play you have to wait to see if another penalty is called.

Time for Cohen to tell the refs to cut down on the penalty calls. We don't need to see 30 plus calls a game. Enough already!

I also thought that was a catch.

And definitely a lot of penalties... Edmonton is my team and I'm tempted to change the channel.

that was a great catch why would you challenge if there was pass interference btw 10 mins left 32 penalties so far....
Consistently bad is all I have to say about those qualy refs....

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea. :lol:

There was no penalty added on at the end of the review. Edmonton originally declined the pass interference penalty, but then the call changed with the review. Higgins had to expect that with the change of call, Maciocia would have the option to then accept the penalty from before…stupid move to challenge by Higgins, if you ask me.

it was a catch why would they challenge with PI on the play?

roughing the passer--- are you kidding me?

INEPT these refs are TERRIBLE--- CFL please control these idiots

that 2nd roughing the passer call was complete B.S!!

I can understand protecting the QB but this is getting ridiculous!

his arm rubbed his helmet, there was no roughness in that at all

like give me a break!

The Refs are nuts..

the calls that are being made today are just stupid and very questionable!

DON'T forget that catch by Lewis that the referees blew dead, when no one touched him

AND NOW A ROUGHING THE KICKER ??? he touched him! oh my lord... Lazaruk needs an Ass Kicking!

roughing the kicker?....ok???

these refs dont deserve to live!!!