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I am new here, but LOVE the CFL. I watched the Edmonton/Winnipeg game last Saturday. Even though I am a female, I don't usually notice the refs appearance too much, but in this game, I saw a ref on the field (I think it was #55) who was a little heavy. I then noticed that the majority of the other refs were pretty slim (#26 for example). #55 though kept up to everything no problem, and was obviously in good physical shape. I think its awesome that the CFL has refs of all body sizes/shapes (as long as they can keep up that is!) There are alot of people (both men and women!) that have issues about their bodies, and restrict their actions because of it. They think there are things they can't do because of their size etc. I know how important it is to refs who get called up to the CFL, and I just thinks its FABULOUS that the CFL employees refs of all sizes. I think this sends a very clear message to men (and those women who love the sport) that a heavy person can also be fit and more than capable of chasing their dreams.

I hope someone who matters reads this. I want to say thanks, and I hope you continue with this!



If you agree, I would really like you to post... I hate all the body image stuff out there that makes people feel so crappy. When someone like the CFL can disregard body shape in favour of ability, I think we should encourage them all we can!

I can't say I've ever really took note of the officials appearances.

Who cares what the refs look like or the players so long as they can do their job properly it doesn't really matter does it?

I've also never paid attention to the appearance of the refs. I tune in to watch the game, not to determine the body type of an official.

...there's a few offensive lineman out there that are apparently not too concerned about body shape...yay for them...

My point exactly! I never paid attention before, and as you have all said above, if they can do their job, who cares what they look like!!!!!

Does anyone know who George Black is?

There seem to be a of posters to this forum who do NOTHING ELSE but watch the refs and listen to the announcers. I sometimes wonder if they even watch the game at all.

I for one would like to see a female ref some day.

George Black is the director of officiating.

I would love that!

just like I told my wife the other night size doesn't matter. :oops: :oops:

ROFL!!!! :smiley:

Are you for a little tact, good grief.

Pig are you referring to me or Mr. George Black? I will try to get ahold of one of the emails he has sent to his refs...

Where did you find that! what a statement! This Girls got balls!

I would strongly suggest you not....and drop this immediately.

Never really noticed body image of players or support staff - maybe that's because I'm Male /shrug
One thing I do know is that the camera catches far too many "gotta scratch that itch" scenes then I would prefer 8)

First of all.
George Black is not the director of Officiating, Tom Higgins is
I hope you did not sign up just so you can make accusations and post alleged emails that cannot be substantiated!

This is not the place for that

Is it me or are Pigseye and Ro1313 incredibly defensive? I haven't said anything offensive to either of you, and I am wondering why you are both so defensive? If I have offended, I truly apologise. Maybe one of your is actually George Black? I know its a 1 in a zillion chance, but heck its the internet so who knows! All I know is I have a friend in Ontario who has a friend that received an email telling him he was fat and unprofessional. I am not trying to slander anyone. I only started this thread to praise whoever is responsible for the CFL referees for hiring refs that can do the job, and not base i t on any body size or shape. I think its awesome! So, sorry to anyone I may have offended. I started this thread to praise the CFL refs and whoever is in charge of their hiring!

If ro1313 sounds defensive, it’s because he’s a moderator, and it’s his job to moderate the forum. I’m also a moderator, and I’ll reiterate what he said above: If your sole reason for joining this forum is so you can slander George Black, then I’d suggest you move along. This topic is locked.