referee tryouts camp

Someone on another site had mentioned the league holding qualification tryout camps for referees much as do teams in putting their squads together. This may be a good thought in attempting to ensure the best officials are picked. I don't know what the year to year process is but I would bet there is a lot of cronizm and politics. Any input for Mr. Higgins in improving the selection and redemption process?

Don't they pick from the provincial officiating association crews?

At any rate it would be nice if somebody could elaborate just in case there is somebody here who is interested in becoming an official.

Anyone interested in becoming a football official can contact their provincial governing body (i.e. Football Ontario) and they can steer you in the right direction to a local FOA (Football Officials Association). From there you will be setup with clinics and the appropriate resources to get you started.
Canadian Football Officials Association is the governing body of amateur officiating in Canada.


you need to start out refereeing local minor football! and you need to do a good job. you will likely (if you are good at it) have to do the minor league's for 5 years..

then if you are good, they'll move you to do stuff like CIS and Junior football.

good referees are ones that are exceptional..

you will have to wait before you can make it to the Pros.