Referee Throwing A Game - Again

Well, Glen Johnson, you've done it again. You and your team of prison-striped peckerheads have driven home the idea that those who can, play football. Those who can't strap on a shiny little whistle and throw games.

I'm sure your hometown of Winnipeg appreciates the way that you protect its interests. I wouldn't want to go up against Montreal in the play-offs either. Which I'm sure is why every time Montreal is up against a bunch of one-sided moron calls, I see your little rat face making them. Here's a thought - if you goofs can't call a fair game, QUIT OFFICIATING. Go paint your faces and climb into the stands where you belong. Nobody should be paying you to run around the field like a mute cheerleader with a hard-on for your home team.

The officiating in the Montreal-Hamilton game was disgusting. Granted, Montreal was not playing as strongly as usual, but there were dozens of blatantly bad calls made against them. The first flag Hamilton even had against them was in the end of the 4th, when it was far too late. Was that your attempt at fairness? I'd especially like to congratulate you on your pathetic unnecessary roughness/roughing the passer flags. Grown men like to call those quarterback hits. That is one tall, strong looking little girl that you were so avidly protecting out there. Lord knows, poor Miss Glenn might not have become a quarterback if she knew that some big mean linebackers were going to knock her down.

Bottom line - people come out or tune in to watch some big, tough guys play football. Nobody is there to watch you idiots throw the game. So get your heads out of your butts, or get a real job.

Danielle A.
Edmonton, Alberta

I would not go as far as Danielle, but the ref sure looked more prompt to call Ti-Cats touch downs than ours, on that 3 downs and 1 yd for goals, it seemd to me that the ball had crossed the line in the first 2 attempts, and the cats td before that one the ref had his arms in the air very freakin early. Clearly that fiasco had a terrible affect on the team going into the half time. Don't get me wrong I still think the ti-cats deserved the win entirely.

I guess I should clarify; Hamilton did deserve that win, and would have had it anyway. I just hate seeing unfair officiating. That game would have been closer and more exciting if the ref team had only called it properly. It takes the genuine joy out of watching a game I dearly love. If it was only this game, it would be one thing. But this seems to happen far more than it should - the CFL players who play their hearts out on the field deserve better.


Hey now

I'm not going to say Hamilton didn't get some non-calls this game (although I didn't see many) or that some of the penalties against Montreal weren't arguable (although most seemed fairly fair in my book), but when a team is giving up over 110 yards in penalties, you can't blame the refs.

Don't you think if the ball crossed the Goal Line that Tressman and the Coaching Staff would have challenged the play !! :roll:

Agreed. Maybe we had some calls go against us, but ultimately we lost this game because Hamilton was the better team on offense and defense, by a country mile.

Les arbitres ne sont pas la cause de la cuisante défaite des Alouettes. Ce sont les joueurs et les entraîneurs des Alouettes qui en sont les responsables.

Les Alouettes semblent avoir perdu le goût de la victoire et la hargne de gagner. Cette défaite sera salutaire pour les prochaines années parce qu'elle a clairement montré les grandes faiblesses de cette équipe : le manque de profondeur pour faire face aux blessures(qu'on croyait le meilleur de la ligue), le manque de relève à la ligne défensive (qu'on voyait comme une des meilleures de la ligue) et à la tertiaire, la nonchalance de certains receveurs, l'absence d'entraîneur sur les unités spéciales, l'insuffisante compétence du coordonnateur de la défensive.

D'autre part, Anthony Calvillo est fatigué. Il semble souvent ailleurs et détaché de la partie. J'ai l'impression que l'histoire du record de Damon Allen lui pèse et qu'il y tient moins que tous ses supporteurs. Avec le recul, je crois que Trestman aurait pu donner le dernier match à McPherson, et ça aurait aidé Calvillo à retrouver son souffle. C'est facile à dire après coup, mais il demeure que Calvillo a peut-être plus besoin de souffler qu'il ne le croit.

Ce sont dans ces circonstances qu'on verra jusqu'à quel point Trestman peut ramener son équipe vers de meilleurs jours. Mais surtout, Jim Popp doit maintenant faire ce qu'il a toujours fait avant l'ère Trestman : prendre en mains le recrutement des joueurs suivant ce que lui identifie comme les besoins de l'équipe.

Il va sans dire que j'espère que les Alouettes vont se replacer cette saison mais compte tenu de tous les blessés importants qu'ils ont et du manque flagrant de cohésion de cette version des Alouettes, ma raison me dit présentement qu'on ne les verra plus loin que la demi-finale de division après cette saison. Ainsi va la vie dans une ligue de parité!

The Alouettes were deprived of the replays on those plays
Wonderful what you can get away with and blame on a cranky old stadium

Trestman admits he made a mistake not challenging the calls
Arguably that one sequence threw the game.
So it goes

It's obviously a sensitive subject
But it's obvious a neighbour said to me yesterday:
"Something's wrong with Calvillo"

Don't get me wrong
I was sincere when I expressed my joy that AC had conquered his Grey Cup Blues.

But how much is really known about the effects of the procedure he underwent
It's ultimate toll on one's health
Especially performing at this level?
I think it's safe to assume that not too many pro-athletes have been through it
And that the "margin of error" between an all-time great quarterback
And a has-been or "never-was"
Is minuscule

I'd like to think that it's had no effect on AC's performance
Or on his endurance
But the facts seem to suggest otherwise

Another reason to start considering "The Ultimate Platoon"?
There's no "avec le recul" here
As you know...I've been saying it for a while


TSN does the same camera positioning for every game in every CFL Stadium the same way, so it's consistant !! It has nothing to do with the Stadium. Thats a Cop Out !!

Like you admitted, the coaching staff screwed up, and it was not just that sequence of plays, there were a lot of Bad seqences !! :lol:

Not sure what you're getting at
Apparently the Alouettes spotters didn't have access to the replay in time to advise Trestman on a challenge

If you're suggesting dirty play on the part of the Ticats...I wouldn't be surprised
All's fair in love and football

But I'll admit that on the McPherson play Trestman should have challenged as a matter of course