Referee questions

Does anyone know how you get to ask the referee a question?

You wait for him to get out of the stadium after a game. If you bring a few of your biggest friends with you, you get better chances of getting his undivided attention.

Go to the contact link at the bottom of or click the following link:

[url=] ... y&ceid=246[/url]

At the bottom you will find a place to send comments or suggestions. Just use the pull down menu to direct it to Officiating/Ask The Ref.

Josh Bell-Webster
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Man... now that is a well-hidden feature. Wouldn't it be simpler to add a link straight in the Ask The Ref section?

It might be but there are about 7 options from ask the ref to login problems to choose from.

The refs will get an answer back to you only after they meet to see if what they read was what was actually written.

And the answer might not be to the question you asked if they interpret it the same way they interpret some calls. :wink:

Is it just me, or was the recent question on "Ask the Ref" not really answered? The person asked for clarification as to WHY a the intentional grounding rule was applied to one situation but not another, and all the "Ref" answered with was a quote from the rulebook. Doesn't sound like much of a clarification to me.

It was answered....I read it that any pass OVER the Line of scrimmage is NOT intentional grounding, even if it goes 10 rows into the stands. I beleive the key is "Crossing " the line of scrimmage.

Yes, Sportsmen, but the question read:

"Will you please clarify the intentional grounding rule? Why is the QB not penalized for intentional grounding when he throws the ball over the line of scrimmage but with no eligible receiver in sight?"

It was answered with:

On page 43 in the 2005 rule book it states "Team A shall not be penalized if the passer throws the ball across the line of scrimmage to an open area or Out of Bounds."

It doesn't really answer the question of WHY - it just says that it is that way. At least that's the way I interpret it.

But the question is answered on page 43......

Maybe we're looking at this differently! LOL

lol - methinks you're right! Definitely looking at it differently! :smiley:

Anyways, this doesn't clarify why it isn't intentional grounding when the QB spikes the ball to stop the clock. Because 1) he definately isn't attempting to put the ball in the hands of a receiver and 2) the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage. It's actually spiked about two yards behind it (of course, the center's fat ass is in the way).

Oooohh does anyone in the CFL spike the ball to stop the clock? If so, its been a while. With the CFL timing rules I don't think its necessary to have to spike the ball. Third....Have I missed something?

While its not necessary, it isn't forbidden.

Wouldn't it be funny to see a newly acquired American QB spike the ball on 3rd down? That would be part of the year's highlights.

Or how about seeing the game clock hit 0:00 and walk off the field and get a time-count penalty!

Yup, like in the old site. I have written to them about this a few times, but the site managers never answer and have not made any changes!

Though I did write to ask the ref and had my quesiton answered on the site very fast, so cudo’s to Mr. Black!

I was just looking at the ask the ref archives and that was the third time that question was answered

ro1313, we’ll have to lobby to get you on the officiating staff next year. You seem to have a good rapport or they like your questions. Whats your total now?

I have only asked 1