Referee dropping F-Bomb

Am I hallucinating, or did I just hear a referee drop an F-bomb over his mic at the start of the Riders-Elks second half?

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You certainly heard that.

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I heard it all the way down here in the States... LOL


I'm sure he said, "Time out Saskatchewan. Good luck then" :joy:

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It would've been funnier had Andre Proulx said it, though...


Andre Proulx says "turd down" about a dozen times per game


I don't blame him for swearing, it was disgraceful of the riders, makes CFL look bad. I hope Craig D gets suspended

Really, you really need to step back . You sound so sore. Maybe he was in the potty.


If I were refereeing again and if I were miked in an Ohio game, I'd do that too.

He won a prize for it too. Got a fine from the league.

We should start a crowd source to pay his fine....

Any idea why he said it? I don't think it was because it was a crappy game.

(it's in the thread title)

I get what and how he did it, but why is not clear from that or the first post.

Sask had two starters late coming out of the tunnel, and so Dickenson called a time out to start the half to avoid a penalty.

As the ref announced the time out, his mic caught the f-bomb before he cut the feed. I'm guessing it was in frustration that a professional football team could be so disorganized/unprepared.

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Referees are always scrutinized for flow of the game. If it moves too slowly or runs too long they hear about it from the league. Remember, they're not just running a football game, they're running a TV show. It must have been frustrating for Vallesi to hear that timeout call.

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