Ref screws up again it would appear

I watched a bit of the Stamps-Bombers game and IMO it looked like another screw up of the challenge rule.

The play in question was originally ruled a Stegall catch & TD at the goal line.

Replay seemed to CLEARLY show that Stegall dropped the ball yet the ref did not reverse the on-field call.

Two weeks in a row, thru challenges, they reverse original calls on the TiCats (to their detriment) with no indisputable evidence to the contrary yet last night clear video evidence to reverse a call was ignored.

The process is a joke and a sham, or the fix is in for some teams… otherwise it’s hard to explain and justify what’s going on :frowning:

(Thing is, I wanted Bombers to win to keep Argos out of first place. :slight_smile: )

I agree with just about everything you said. I saw the play and even Suitor was stating that it appears the ball hit the turf. And with a more clear and defined replay, it was still ruled a catch. Give me a break. If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think a fix was in for Winnipeg to win. Much like the now infamous Bolden interception.

As for who to win....believe it or much as I hat the Argos....I hate the Bombers even more. That probably comes from living out here.

I assume by last weeks calls reversed to the Ti-Cats detriment you are referring to the call on Baumans nice grab at the goal line?

The ball was between his hands and hit the ground -equals no catch .......

unfortunately for Bauman and us it was the correct call .

On the Stegal call .....I missed the game last night.

No, actually I was referring to the challenges in Winnipeg (Bomber interception on our 5 yard line) and the Montreal game (another interception) where neither replay clearly showed the on-field calls should have been reversed.

Both originally called no catch yet reversed by the ref with no conclusive video proof to the contrary, unlike last nights game.


If you saw the game last night it was very clear that the ball was dropped, Stegall and Marshall had a good laugh about it knowing full well that it was not a catch. What is the sense of having replay if the officals can't make the right call the second time around, makes me think what I have thought for years that the officating is third class.

The TSN cameras clearly showed the ball hitting the ground in the process of the catch and therefore, it should have been ruled a "No Catch."

However, The video that the official looks at under the hood is not that of the network telecasting the game. Therefore, the official probably wasn't putting in "THE FIX." He judged the play based on what he saw on the video presented to him.

I wonder if there would be a way for the official to use the "game videos" along with those of the network if a play remains disputable after seeing the game video.

Officiating is bad. No doubt about that, but we shouldn't be in such a hurry to jump on the officials back every time. Sometimes, they actually make the right call and they can only judge what is presented to them.

Glenn Johnson is a Winnipeg HOMER and we have counted 5 reviews that have benefited Winnipeg this year including the phantom interception as well as the miss punt muff they screwed up the next week.

Its so obvious Glenny boy is trying to get Winnipeg into the GC its quite pathetic.

George Black stated in an explaination for a previous bad call that the officials have access to all television replays that are available at the time. Since TSN had it, Glenn had it.

The video replay experiment has failed - it should be scrapped


Did anyone else hear them say that Montreal sent video footage to the league from last weeks Als/Blue team game that showed no less than 12 missed holding calls against the blue team on ST??

That's ridiculous.

Ref's Always, always, mess up, in every sport, missed calls and everything, even in hockey, sometimes one thing is a penalty and the exact same situation next time would be let go.

Mark Lee was priceless yesterday when he said that the ref was flagging all holding infractions....Mark should have paid more attention to the game.[/b]

The problem isn't with video replay, it's with the fact that the officials have too much power, and get to use their judgement too often. I believe someone has suggested this before, and I agree completely that there should be a seperate official in the booth viewing the replays and having a say in how the call goes. In the NHL you don't see refs on the ice with a little TV reviewing goals... there's a goal judge upstairs, who is also on a conference call with the league offices making sure they get the call right. Video review is a good idea, it just needs to be implemented better.

Jake Ireland blew another replay call in Edmonton game,ruled a fumble on the play but on review clearly showed he was on the turf when ball came out.Jake didn't overturn the call!!Bruta!!!!!!!!!!

(Crash) George Black stated in an explaination for a previous bad call that the officials have access to all television replays that are available at the time. Since TSN had it, Glenn had it.
Thats interesting, Crash. I was sure I heard during the game in question, that the network videos were not available for the officials to review, however, I was under a lot of distraction at the time and may have heard incorrectly.

If what you say is correct, and I have no reason to dispute it, I think they should abandon the video reviews, since they frequently appear wrong anyway and hold up the game.

Well I do remember Cuthbert saying "And since we added this new endzone camera its just another vide for the officials to take advantage of"

A few points...

IIRC, the League does not have it's own camera's as it is deemed too expensive. The refs use the same network/broadcast video as the home viewer sees and they have blown it in two consecutive games. Indisputable video to reverse two calls and they wimped out. Leading to...

Yes, Ireland blew the BC fumble challenge. The one end-zone camera angle clearly showed the ball carrier had control when he hit the ground and the ground caused the fumble yet Ireland had the nerve to state there was no clear evidence to reverse the on-field call (of a BC fumble). Unbelievable.

Re Argos and special teams. It's been evident for years they seem to get away with a lot of illegal blocks and holds. No wonder they're so successful.

Recall a game in TO, where after an Argo ST TD (from their own end zone, an obvious clip right in front of the returner not called), Coach Marshall was livid, holding up his hand to indicate 5 not-called penalties and grasping the front of his shirt. I also recall a game here where an Argo had a clear grasp (directly in front of the sideline official) of a would-be Ticat tackler yet no call on the play. Funny how our ST guys often get called yet SOME teams are immune to penalties and apparently perfect (cough).

Guess the Argos are destined for the Grey Cup one way or the other :frowning:


Everyone Knows that cfl officials are a joke... The main problem is that when mistakes are made the higher ups insist the refs made the right call regardless of what the video replay shows...