Ref Murphy always works against Cats!!!!

Local Hamilton native and CFL Referee Ken Murphy always, always, always calls a bad game that works against the Tiger-Cats. In last nights game against the Riders, Ken Murphy missed at least five good Holding calls on the offensive line of the Riders, I mean the Holds are so obvious even TSN picked up on it, with Rod Black and Dwayne Ford highlighting them on the teleplay.

Certain teams in the CFL get away with murder like Riders, Argo's Montreal and so on but when the CFL referees are so bold like Ken Murphy to work on behalf of the Riders they certainly do not create a level playing field for all teams, however in Murphy's case he has not called one good game that Hamilton has played that would even be called anything close to a level playing field, just go back and watch the films of every Ti-Cat game Murphy has been the referee and you will see, Murphy is a Bush League Ref at best.

Ken Murphy is from Hamilton, he used to be a touch football ref and that's where he should have stayed in touch football, he was even lousy at that game. He's the kind of ref who easily gets on your nerves like nails on a black board, he also allows the instigator to take the first shot however always penalizes the player defending himself. Ken Murphy will always allow Rob Murphy to take the first shot but penalize the other player. Maybe Ken and Rob are related? Who knows? Just watch out on Labour Day if Ken Murphy is the Ref, Rob Murphy will get away with everything, as the Argo's try to prance their way to another victory.

It's time for Tom Higgins Head of CFL officiating to step in and get Ken Murphy away from reffing Ti-Cat Games, last night against the Riders, his eyes where closed shut to the holding going on by the Rider Front line but wide open when Hamilton had the ball and called every play.

Get the message to Ken Murphy in the CFL, that the CFL must be a level playing field for all teams not the select few, maybe Hamilton wasn't in his Sports Select Picks last night, but there are a lot better refs handling flag football in the GTA for the kids, at least they are not as Bush league as Ken Murphy to call a game lopsided by one team or another, stop the bush league reffing and lets see a level playing field next game or I am all for the challenge flag being thrown on every play, at least I would know someone else is watching the play!!!

Cybercat. The referee’s name is KIM Murphy, not KEN. Maybe you should get your fact’s straight before running off at the mouth about the officiating. I happen to agree that he is not a very good ref, but for crying out loud, at least get his name right if you’re going to complain about him.
He cost the Cats the game last night…His name? KIM MURPHY.

To question the integrity of an official in OUR league is inexcusable. To do this is the perfect example of loser mentality.

As a fan, you may question his eyesight, judgement or even intelligence, that part of the game, but to say that he intentionally ignored calls or weighed his decisions against one team or in favor of another is purely sour grapes.

The Cats are a good but not great team that is going to get better as the season rolls on. They will probably win more than they will lose.

As I see it, they didn't need any help losing last night. Porter was horrible, Glenn was a little better but still under 50%, Cobb was invisible and with the exception of Bruce, the receiving core was lackluster.

In a developing team, these things will happen. One thing for certain, Murphy didn't throw a bad pass, miss a tackle or fumble. The Cats did...thats why they lost.

You've got to be joking. Hamilton had minus 11 net yards, zero first downs and zero points in the first half, and you blame the ref?

8) Well, you're right about one thing, KIM Murphy is his name.
   But he certainly didn't cost the Cats the game !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   The Cats have only themselves to blame for that  !!!

Mediaguy999 must be nice to be perfect they fired seven refs this year so they do suck and they are influenced by the crowds in Regina :thdn: :thdn:

Hunh? The CFL only has 4 crews. And the referees on two of them (at least) were in those jobs last year.

8) Just curious. Who were the 7 refs that got fired this year anyway ??????

I don't know the names of the refs that were fired but I got this information from channel 11 news tonight it was part of Mark Hebscher rant of the day it was on the poor quality of refereeing in the cfl. 7 were fired

There's 42 officials listed in the CFL rulebook this year.
That's enough for 6 crews. Darryl Baron, Murray Clarke, Glen Johnson, Kim Murphy, Andre Proulx, and Bud Steen are the 6 head refs. Baron is also listed as a field judge, in his first year as a head referee.

Last year they started the season with 6 crews in the summer, then went to 5 for the fall, dropping some officials down to the amateur ranks. (Likely 7 were dropped, unless there were injuries).

I'm guessing they'll do the same this year.

Wait a minute, you mean there's another Hamiltonian CFL ref besides Jake Ireland who hates the TiCats?

Thanks for the correction. I must have confused the fall's official roster with its "full-time" complement.

On Sunday night I saw the referee's name listed
as KEN MURPHY on my T.V. screen several times.

Someone with TSN got the ref's name wrong, mediayguy999.

If you paid attention, you wouldn't have blasted Cybercat
for assuming that what he read on the screen was correct

unless you got have something personal against him
or a big hang up about people who slip ups with names.

I'm 99% sure this was the clown that used to ref our H.S. football games 4 or 5 years ago, he wasn't very good then and he isn't very good now.

Anyone have a pic? I googled him and got nothing.

I'm sure I saw Murphy lurking in the shadows of the book depository on the grassy knoll in the Zapruder film. Must be a conspiracy!!

An Argo-Cat fan

He hangs out on the Rider forum quite a bit. Goes by the handle cflisthebest.

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Jake personally groomed Murphy to replace him. :lol: Just to make sure the Ticats always lose. :lol:

8) So I take it that long time Head Referee, Ken Lazurek is no longer employed as an official ?????

The cats don't have anyone to blame but themselves. The calls go both ways and I don't believe reffing had anything to do with this loss. Possibly playing 60 minutes would help. The refs helped us last week with Edmonton and I'm sure the Eskimo forums would have been full of ref complaints. I know Kim and he is an honest guy who calls it as he see's it. It's his first year as a head ref and I'm sure he will improve with experience. He supports the cats financially as he has season tickets for the cats and his wife and kids regularly attend.

He cant call it if he cant see it