Ref for East Final

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 55m55 minutes ago
Referee for Sunday's #CFL Eastern Final between the #Ticats & #Als is… wait for it… wait… you know it's coming… ANDRE PROULX!!!! :cry:

Is the CFL crazy!!!! He hates Hamilton and he's Francophone!

My conspiracy theory. :rockin:

My confidence level just dropped a tad.

About 'tree' levels, actually.

actually I find him to be one of the better refs. Kim Murphy is the best, but Proulx is up there. One thing about him is his consistency, particularly from year to year. Players know what to expect from him.

Look for a chintzy roughing the passer call on someone.

One of the things that really concerned me for the eastern final was the game being decided by cheap calls. I hate to see an important game like this be decided by the striped shirts and their red flags. Let's hope the crew just let the players play and let them decide the outcome.

Proulx has often seemed to favour the Als - at least any game I've seen him do between the Als and Ticats in the past, usually in Montreal. However, I thought he did a decent job of the WDSF although I was surprised to see him. It is the top refs who get to officiate the playoffs and I've never considered him one of the best although I think he's been better this season. Just hope he isn't blind to some of the cheap shots by a few of the Als' defenders. :roll:


as long as they play within the rules. I want every legit penalty called.

That is my only complaint about Proulx, that he does tend to be a bit overprotective of quarterbacks. Given how often the Als blitz, that actually could work to our advantage. Our guys will just have to remember to ease up a bit on the follow-though when they sack Crompton.

Oh no! We pulled the Proulx crew?! You couldn't have gone Bradbury or Murphy or Foxcroft? I can see why Foxcroft as I believe he's the new kid on the block, but I've always found Murphy and Bradbury to be stalwart.

Ahh well, hope the team remembers your starting the game ten points in the hole.

Predict there's going to be a TON of penalties called.
CFL officiating would have watched the tape of Semi and seen all the stuff MTL did and got away with (Hebert's vicious head -shot that warranted a suspension and Carter 's blatant interference in the first half).
combine that with the high intensity brought on by the importance of the game and MTL's bizarre trash talking the ref's will have a hair-trigger for penalties.
Hope HAM doesnt get sucked in and dragged down.

How do you know that it is Andre Proulx that is doing the game?

The players know that hitting the QB late is a major penalty ,as it should be.

Zach got hit late last game and we did the same.( with no calls)

Protecting the QB is a must in this QB driven league.

I find Andre Proux to be a fair CFL Referee, glad he is refing the East Final!

Kim Murphy(the angry garden gnome) is the best??? So have you heard the one about the priest, the minister, and the rabbi? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who has now heard it all)

You guys are my favourite fan base in the CFL, please don't become like Rider fans. :thup:

Proulx is terrible, but it won't matter. I have faith in our guys

I have to agree that I didn't find Murphy to be the best by a long shot this season. Seemed to make chintzy calls on one team but not necessarily the other. If I remember correctly, he was the ref for the Ticats game in BC when even a couple of the Ticat players spoke out about officiating and were fined for their comments. Problem is, they had a valid point!

Guess we'll find out if the his job evaluation over the season means he was good enough to the WDF or the Grey Cup.

M. Proulx is a good ref. As good as they come in the CFL. Only I can't wait for "Amihton, terd and terdy-tree from da terdy", as long as it's in the last few minutes and the game is already in hand!

In my opinion, the most unbiased refs in the CFL are Valessi and Foxcroft, the new refs from Hamilton who just graduated to being a ref.

I have been outraged by calls from Murphy, Proulx and Bradbury before. At multiple points in the past three years, they have all reminded me of Jake "let's call one against Hamilton" Ireland.